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So You've Confirmed There Is A Mouse In Your House? Here's What Not To Do!

November 28, 2011

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Earlier this month, Moyer Indoor | Outdoor offered the homeowners of Souderton, Allentown and throughout Pennsylvania the clues to be on the lookout for if you suspect a mouse in your house. Unfortunately, with their help, you have now confirmed that there is indeed a mouse (or probably several) hiding somewhere in your home, so now what? As a longtime Pennsylvania pest control company, the professionals of Moyer Indoor | Outdoor are experts at helping homeowners get rid of mice, but if you are like me, and tend to panic when you see a mouse, here is what they recommend you NOT do when you first discover these furry, little invaders have moved in.

  • Do not try to poison them - Mice may ingest the poison, which eventually will kill them, but before they die, they may go back into your walls or into your attic and when they finally die, it will create a terrible odor that is difficult to get rid of. Also using poison inside your home may be dangerous for children and pets

  • Do not set mouse traps in the middle of a room – Mice are very skittish and tend to stay along the outskirts of a room, so setting mouse traps in the middle of any room or your attic, will be a waste of your time and because mice are prolific breeders, you cannot rely on traps alone to resolve your mouse problem

  • Never assume your mouse problem will go away on its own - Without implementing better sanitation and sealing any potential entry points for mice, they are very likely to return

The best thing homeowners in PA can do, if your home is experiencing an infestation of mice, is to contact a local, rodent exterminator, like Moyer Indoor | Outdoor. They offer exceptional home pest control services that are sure to help you get rid of mice and other rodents that may be trying to make your home their own this winter. For more information on Moyer’s rodent control programs, please click here.

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