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Silverfish In Pennsylvania Homes Are Problematic

October 31, 2013

Silverfish In PA Home

It may be fall, but PA homeowners are still finding silverfish around their homes. These pests are typically found in homes during the summer because they look for areas of high humidity or moisture inside a home to escape the sweltering heat outside. You may not even realize you have a silverfish infestation until the problem has gotten out of hand because these pests are nocturnal and because they are good at hiding. Here are some important facts about these home invaders from the PA pest control professionals at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor.


  • Silverfish are approximately 12-19 millimeters in length; they are sometimes whitish-grey or silvery-blue in color. Silverfish have three long bristles on the ends of their bodies.

  • Silverfish can thrive in most climates, but they prefer your dark and damp basement. They can also be found inside garages, crawl spaces, bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms.

  • Silverfish feed on carbohydrates mostly. They have been known to eat cellulose, shampoo, book glue, linen, silk and dead insects, but they’ve also been found in unopened food packages.

Silverfish move VERY quickly. They have a swift and almost fish-like way of moving, which makes them very difficult to catch.


For silverfish pest control, the professionals at Moyer Pest can help; we know how to get rid of silverfish in the house and along with treatment for these pests, we can also offer prevention tips to limit future silverfish problems in your home. Our prevention tips include:


  1. Block up all points of entry around the exterior of your home.

  2. Eliminate damp areas of your home by installing a dehumidifier or vents in especially moist rooms of your home.

  3. Cut back vegetation around your home so that it is not touching the sides of your home.

  4. Strict sanitation measures can help prevent an infestation of silverfish by limiting potential hiding areas and feeding sites.


We often get asked by homeowners “do silverfish bite?” The answer to that questions is no, these pests are not known for biting and haven’t been linked to the transmission of any diseases. The silverfish bite is only a threat to your belongings, as these pests can leave holes in your clothing, damage books, papers, wallpaper and even the food in your cupboards. If you’ve been dealing with a silverfish problem, the home pest control services from the professionals at Moyer can help you get rid of silverfish quickly and efficiently. Please contact us today for more information on silverfish control services and to learn more about our year round pest control services to prevent pests in every season.

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