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Silverfish: A Spring Pest Problem

March 31, 2015


When you think of spring pests, the more common ones come to mind. You know, like pavement ants, clover mites (also known as tiny red bugs), and stink bugs, and even mice that have become active after the long winter. Silverfish are not necessarily one you might lump into this group but can certainly be a problem in the spring (and fall too) for homeowners.

So, what are silverfish? Also called carpet moths, silverfish are a type of insect that looks and acts very similar to fish. They have long, flat silver bodies that are covered in pale gray to blue scales that shimmer as they slither along.

Silverfish need moisture so bathrooms and basements fit the bill. And of course, food is essential. Photos, glue, hair (gross, we know) and sugar contain starch and carbs that silverfish need. Like many insects and rodents, these pests prefer to hide out dark areas like attics and storage area. So if your home provides food, water and shelter, you know the three basic requirement for virtually all creepy crawlies and people too, you are likely to have a silverfish problem in your home.

As far as pests go, silverfish are not the most dangerous (they do not bite) or destructive pest you could have in your home. They don’t threaten the structural integrity of your home like termites and carpenter ants do. They do not introduce serious health risks like mice and rodents are prone to do and they will not leave behind bites like bed bugs. That’s the good news. Now for the bad… Silverfish may cause damage to belongings if not properly stored. Those Christmas ornaments your kids have made you over the years or those books you’ve been collecting in the attic could become a meal for these slithery insects.

What can you do to remedy an infestation of silverfish? We’re glad you asked! Consider an ongoing home pest control program that protects your home and family from insects and rodents that plague Pennsylvania homeowners all year round. With regular inspection and treatment visits, you can be sure your home is safeguarded from pests and the threats they pose, no matter the season or pest pressures.

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