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Should I Still Be Worried About Termites In My West Chester Home?

December 28, 2018

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What is your favorite thing to do after a fun day out in the brisk air of fall? Are you one to cozy up next to the fire, wrapped in your fleece blanket, reading your favorite book? Or are you more of a hot chocolate and TV kind of homeowner. Either way, one thing is certain, a day out in the cold should always be ended in warmth. Termites feel the same way. When the weather gets cold, termites burrow deep to find warmth, deep into the wood of our homes, that is.

Termites In Search For Warmth

Nothing inspires a termite to invade a warm home faster than the cold weather. It’s almost like there is a little gear in their mind that goes full-tilt at the first signs of fall and winter. This, along with a few other factors, are the reason that termites may be eyeballing your home this time of year. Here are some factors you can look out for.

Wet and water-damaged wood along the exterior of your home: Although it is true that termites love wood, it does matter what shape that that wood is in. Preferably, termites love wet, water-damaged wood that is rich in cellulose and easy to chew through.

Accessible wood: In the wild, you will find termites commonly in decaying wood, or tunneling under the ground. If your home has soil that comes right up to the wood of your home, you may be inadvertently providing termites a way to get close. If that soil is a mix with wood chips in it, you may also be giving termites a snack on their way to your home.

Access to moisture: Termites seek out areas of your home which are high in moisture. If your basement or crawl space has a moisture problem, there is a chance it could soon have a termite problem as well.

Precautions You As a Homeowner Can Take

If any of the above factors describe your house, then your home may be at risk. Reducing these termite attractants is your first step in keeping your home free of termites. Consider having water-damaged wood around your home repaired. Think about investing in dehumidifiers for humid areas of your home. We assure you, a dehumidifier costs much less than the cost of repairing your home after dealing with a termite infestation. Finally, remove outside attractants. Move firewood away from the walls of your home and clear any debris that may be lying in your yard. All of this will go a long way to deterring termites from invading your home.

Year-Round Pests Need Year-Round Solutions

If the last thing you want is a termite infestation in your West Chester home, let Moyer help. Here at Moyer Pest Control, we use Termidor, America’s #1 termite defense product. Combine that with a wide variety of pest protection plans for you to choose from to fit your budget and you have a no-brainer. Don’t let termites use your home for warmth this winter, trust Moyer Pest to have your back.

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