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Should I Be Concerned About A Single Mouse?

February 22, 2018

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Surely, it’s just one small mouse, how bad can it be? That single mouse isn’t as intimidating as hundreds of carpenter ants marching around your home or a pile of stink bugs clinging to your window screen. Well, unfortunately, a single mouse can be just as bad or worse than either.

There are some dangerous health risks and potential damages that can be introduced into your home along with mice. These clever little pests creep into small openings in your home's exterior walls and foundation, or through damaged screens and vents. They usually do this when the weather turns colder or food is scarce, but in reality, you never know when a mouse will take a fancy to a human dwelling. All they need is warmth, shelter, food, and water, which your home provides for them perfectly.

The rarity of sightings in most cases is not really an indicator of the severity of an infestation because mice are nocturnal and pretty clever about staying just out of your sight. Sometimes if you see just one, it’s the mother mouse, or a pregnant mouse lurking around trying to find food scraps. In those cases, there are usually more behind the scenes you haven’t seen yet. However, just one mouse can bring parasites into your home as well as spread bacteria and harmful diseases by contaminating food and food preparation surfaces. That same mouse can cause extensive damage to your home, furniture, and personal belongings.

When it comes to more than one mouse, the potential risks increase. Once mice have reproduced, the population will increase exponentially. This will cause more urine and fecal matter, contamination and odor. Larger infestations will increase the health risks and potential damages. Not to mention a plethora of little mice running around in your attic, walls, basement, kitchen, and pantry can be extremely disconcerting. Keeping all this in mind, you should definitely be concerned about a single mouse inside your home; in all reality, there are likely to be more around, and where one got in others are sure to follow.

Here is a simple recap of the dangers of one or more mice in your West Chester home:

  • Food and surface contamination

  • Spread of harmful bacteria and disease

  • Rapid reproduction of young

  • Extensive damage to furniture, structures, and personal belongings

When looking to rid your home of mice, DIY methods will only get you so far. If you're lucky enough to only be dealing with one or two mice, some mice traps may get rid of them. But more often than not, the mice will have no trouble avoiding or out-breeding your control methods. Also, whatever route of entry the mice used is still open, and if there are more mice around, you'll likely be seeing your troubles return eventually. In order to protect your home and family with confirmed mouse eradication and robust pest protection in the long term, you should contact a professional pest control company right way. Moyer Pest Control services in West Chester, Pennsylvania can provide help. Give us a call today to learn more about our residential pest control options!

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