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Picking Up Bed Bugs While Running Errands in Souderton

October 7, 2019

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While many people are aware that traveling for work and pleasure puts you at risk of picking up bed bugs, you may not consider that you can pick them up during your daily activities. Bed bugs are everywhere, including bus stops and buses, train stations and trains, movie theaters, restaurants, and retail stores. It's important to learn how to keep from picking up bed bugs when out running errands in Souderton.


How is it So Easy to Pick up Bed Bugs?  

A bed bugs main priority is finding a blood meal, and they are not discriminatory. They don't care if you are squeaky clean or a filthy mess. They are just as happy in a dirty and cluttered home as they are in a spotless oasis. While they don't fly or jump, they are great at crawling into your belongings and hitching a ride from one place to the next.


How can you Reduce the Risk of Picking up Bed Bugs? 

Taking standard precautions while out doing errands in Souderton can help you avoid bringing bed bugs home. Keep your possessions to yourself and away from others. Try holding onto your purse or putting it in your lap, hanging coats on hooks, and hanging clothes up in changing rooms. Inspect seats before sitting down on them. Check yourself over before reentering your home.   


What Should You Do if you Suspect Bed Bugs?

Spotting a single bed bug doesn't mean an infestation. Take a deep breath and don't panic if you find one. Take a few minutes to inspect your mattress, upholstery, backs of drawers, and behind paintings to look for signs of bed bugs such as staining, discarded parts of the exoskeleton, or the bugs themselves. Vacuuming regularly and washing your clothing and bedding on the highest heat setting can help get rid of the occasional stray bed bug before an infestation begins.

If you do suspect an infestation, Moyer Pest Control can help. We utilize a trained K9 for bed bug inspections. Our K9 can sniff out bed bugs and identify their precise location. This non-invasive inspection technique can save lots of time and money. If bed bugs are detected, we proceed with effective high heat treatments. Heat treatments work by increasing the temperature in your home to a level where bed bugs, the nymphs, and their eggs can't survive. Unlike chemical treatments, heat treatments leave no residue behind and can kill these pests in their deepest hiding places. Contact Moyer Pest Control today if you inadvertently picked up bed bugs while running errands in Souderton.  

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