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Pest Control Alert: Changes In Termite Behavior

March 22, 2012

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Over the past five years there have been changes in the behavior of termite infestations. This leaves homeowners wondering, how do I know if I have termites now? Termite swarms used to be the telltale sign that your property had a termite problem. Each spring, the reproductive termites would fly out of the colonies in an attempt to find a mate and form a new colony. But now, this is not always the case. There are fewer termite swarms, which means less awareness of infestations and more chances of major structural damages.

The PA pest control professionals at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor urge homeowners to recognize  the importance of preventative termite programs now, more than ever before: “This recent behavior of termites will ultimately have fewer homeowners being made aware of termites and more damage could result. The industry is recommending more inspections, routine monitoring programs and preventative treatment programs. This will protect homeowners with their single largest investment," states Dennis Murphy of Moyer's pest control division.

For Pennsylvania property owners in Montgomery and Lehigh counties as well as elsewhere throughout our pest control service area, Moyer Indoor | Outdoor has effective termite protection plans that will help you stay protected even when the termites do not swarm.

  • Pest Termite Renewal Program – If your home is not currently infested or being treated for termites, the renewal program includes the placement of Green Eyes monitoring stations around the property so that homeowners can monitor any termite activity on their own. After a thorough inspection to enter this program, you will be protected and Moyer will treat for termites for no extra fee if they do happen to invade.

  • Pest Termite Prevention Program – This program is designed as a proactive measure to treat for termites with the idea that proactive treatments will be cheaper than reactive treatments. Termidor, an effective termite treatment, will be placed around the property as a preventive treatment method to keep termites away.

  • Complete Home Guard Plus – This is a routine pest control program that treats for other pests, but includes a termite treatment as well. This is a great option if you want to fight off all of the common household pests in the Pennsylvania area.

The changes in termite behavior do not have to leave you with major problems including termite colonies invading your home. If you would like to put a stop to termites now, before they leave you with a costly repair bill, contact the PA termite experts at Moyer today. Keep your home and your property safe and secure this spring and through all of the seasons with one of our termite prevention and control programs.

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