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Open Season On Frogs, Turtles And You!

July 9, 2015

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Are you excited? In the commonwealth of Pennsylvania between July 3rd and October 31st, it is open season on bullfrogs, Northern green frogs and snapping turtles! This is your chance to get your daily limit of up to 20 frogs per day, and 15 snappers per day. If you love soup with frog legs or turtle meat, it is time to get out there and stock up!


Isn't it nice of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission to set a time of year we are allowed to hunt these animals? Humans are nice like that. We like to give those animals some time to relax between killin's. It is too bad animals don't have the same kind spirit. Snapping turtles hunt and eat frogs any time they like. They don't set a season for themselves. They don't force themselves to go to Walmart and pick up a license. But we humans love our seasons.


There is another season going on right now. We call it mosquito season. Though that is a little backwards if you ask me. We're not the ones hunting mosquitoes. They're hunting us! Fortunately, they're too small to kill us--oh wait, no they're not!


Over one million people on this planet die each year due to viruses that mosquitoes spread. Malaria alone claims several hundred million. Mosquitoes are directly connected to the spread of malaria, chikungunya, dog heartworm, dengue, yellow fever, encephalitis and West Nile virus. Fortunately, for Americans, the yearly death rate for these viruses is much lower than in any other country. Your chances of dying from a mosquito bite are lower than your chances of being murdered by a human.


The point of this article is not to freak you out about mosquito bites. It is to make you aware that this is the season when mosquitoes are going to bite you most. And, though most of the bites will do nothing more than give you an itchy welt, you should be aware that flu-like symptoms can result from a mosquito bite. The best course of action is to always protect yourself from being bitten. Here are a few ways you can do that.

  • The CDC states that bug sprays with DEET in them are still the most effective way to keep the mosquitoes off. They claim that it is safe, but if you'd prefer to avoid putting bug spray on your skin, you can spray it on your clothing and still achieve some protection. 
  • Try to wear light, long-sleeved shirts when you go out in the morning or at night, when mosquitoes are on the prowl.
  • Be aware that mosquitoes hide from the heat of the midday sun. This is the safest time to bare skin by the pool.
  • Have the mosquito experts here at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor help you in the removal of mosquito breeding sites and get your lawn property treated. You can't get rid of all the mosquitoes, but you can make a noticeable dent in their populations around your home.

It’s finally time for you to get the upper hand on mosquito season and stop being prey and start being the hunter. Contact us today and experience why we have been the tops in Philly pest control for over 140 years.

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