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Moyer Talks About Termites In West Chester

May 26, 2016

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Termites are and should be a huge concern for homeowners. They can invade homes and cause a lot of very extensive and costly damages. All across the U.S. termites are responsible for over 5 billion dollars worth of damages. Due to that staggering number the termite professionals at Moyer Pest highly recommend that every homeowner gets a professional termite inspection for their home, especially before selling or purchasing.

The first thing to understand about termites is that an infestation can be very difficult to determine. Termites are not a pest that wanders around in the open taunting you with their presence. They live, nest, and travel underneath of the ground, and feed and create tunnels on the inside of wood. And signs of their presence aren’t extremely obvious and can take some time to notice. It has been known to take homeowners weeks, months or even years to discover a termite infestation in their home. As you can imagine after that much time has passed the damages can be quite extensive!

Now imagine you have put your home on the market and you receive an offer on your home and after a termite inspection is completed you're shocked and blind-sided when the inspection reveals that extensive termite damage is present. Now what? Or imagine an even more devastating scenario; you purchase your dream home, a termite inspection is not completed and a few months later it is revealed that termites have been eating away at its structural wood for years! Now can you see why a termite inspection for any home, new or old is very important?

Having a termite issue in your home is not a problem that you can ignore and hope to away because they will not just go away. Being proactive against termites and finding a problem before it gets out of control is the best way to ensure quick treatment and reduce damages to your home. A termite inspection will also help to point out the areas of your home that may be attracting termites to it, and the areas around the exterior of your home that are allowing termites access inside. In our opinion, there are no downsides to getting a home termite inspection, only benefits!

To set up a termite inspection for your West Chester home, contact the professionals here at Moyer Pest. Our inspectors have the experience and commitment you need to find termites and we offer effective solutions to eliminate them from your home. Call us today to get started on protecting your home from these silent destroyers.

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