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Keep Your Souderton Yard Free Of Stinging Insects In Spring

March 21, 2019

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a large colorful stinging insect positioned to protect his nest on a souderton property

Every year without fail, winter buds into spring and stinging insects reemerge looking for new places to settle down and call home. Although it is true that we need many of these stinging insects such as bees for pollination and the health of our environment, we do not need these insects building their nests on our properties. When stingers such as wasps and yellow jackets build their nests close to our homes, they tend to get a little bit territorial. This greatly increases your and your family's chances of being stung. That's the last thing you want.

Early Prevention Steps For Stinging Insects

More than anything else, stinging insects are attracted to properties because of the sweet things they can find. If you are hosting an outdoor dinner, stinging insects such as wasps and hornets will be more likely to join your party if you are serving sweet drinks and sweet foods. Keeping these foods and drinks covered as much as possible will go a long way to keep these pests away from your gatherings.

In general, the fewer sweet things stinging insects can find on your property, when scouting out new locations to build a nest, the better. Some sources of this include open trash cans, certain perfumes, and, as mentioned, sweet foods and drinks left out for extended periods of time.

Another thing stinging insects need to survive is a source of water. For this reason, make sure your home is free of leaky spigots, clogged gutters, or anything else that would cause water to build up.

Some stinging insects such as yellow jackets are particularly fond of spiders and will be more likely to invade properties with a high number of spiders than those with fewer spiders.

Why Professional Treatment For Stinging Insects is Worth It

At the end of the day, we can deal with a few stinging insects visiting our properties to pollinate our flowers and gardens. What we can not tolerate are stinging insects claiming our property as their own and threatening harm to anyone who says differently. This is why Moyer Pest Control offers early professional treatments for all stinging insects alike, to make sure your property stays nest free through spring and, if you would like, year-round as well. If you are looking for freedom from stingers, all you have to do is give Moyer a call today.

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