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How To Stop An Ant Infestation In West Chester In Its Tracks

June 19, 2019

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a large colony of black ants infesting the walkway of a west chester home

West Chester has perfect summer weather conditions for ants to thrive. In June, ants are reaching their peak activity levels. Anthills are appearing everywhere and ruining lawns. Lines of ants are running along the pavement to outside trash bins. If you’re lucky, the ants haven’t found a way inside your home. Even so, ants in the yard can also be big a nuisance. If you haven’t taken precautions against ants this season, they could soon take over your West Chester lawn and home.

When ants invade, they come in huge numbers. Ant colonies can range from hundreds to hundreds of thousands. Several types of ants live in West Chester in varying locations. Pavement ants, as their name suggests, are usually found along the pavement. Odorous house ants can be found inside and outside of homes. Another common ant we see invading West Chester homes is the carpenter ant, found inside wooden debris or beams. They will invade the structures of a home, tunneling through the wood to build nests for the colony. Carpenter ants are by far the most destructive of all ants, but any ants you see should be taken seriously before they become a problem. If you are noticing ants in and around your home, you should have a professional inspection done as soon as possible.


No matter which type of ant, there are ways you can stop an infestation in its tracks. If you notice ant hills and ant trails in your West Chester yard, here’s what you can do:

  • Use tight-fitting lids on your outside trash cans.

  • Eliminate food sources. While this is tricky because ants have a varied diet, you can control some of it.

  • Make sure to clean up after a cookout and pick up any cups left out.

  • Remove wooden debris from the yard. Deadwood can attract some ants, especially carpenter ants. It can also provide a safe refuge for other ants. 

  • Make your home less attractive.

  • Make sure you have screens in place and no entry holes they can get through.

  • Install a barrier. To protect your home against ants, try installing a 12-inch barrier of crushed stone around the perimeter of the house. Mulch, plants, or shrubs close to the sides of your home, can retain moisture and attract insects including carpenter ants seeking the wet wood.

  • Contact a pest control service at any sign of ants.


If you notice ants in your West Chester home or yard, the best step you can make is to call professionals to take care of it. DIY treatments can be ineffective and potentially harmful; especially if the yard is full of human activity. Children or pets playing in a treated area may be harmed. If you reach out to Moyer Pest Control, we can eliminate your ant infestation quickly and safely using Integrated Pest Management products that are EPA registered. Our residential pest control plans can keep ants away for good. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a visit now.

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