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How To Keep Mice Out Of Your New Castle Home

November 30, 2021


Rodents are warm-blooded mammals of the order Rodentia that are found in most parts of the world and include mice, rats, voles, chipmunks, squirrels, and more. One common characteristic among rodents is their overgrown front incisors (teeth) that cause them to gnaw endlessly on things. The house mouse is among the most problematic types that infiltrate homes and businesses in the New Castle region

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The house mouse is identifiable by its pointed nose, black eyes, rounded ears, grey or brown fur, and lighter-colored underbelly. House mice have a body that typically ranges from three to four inches and have a tail that is usually the same length. As the weather cools during the fall, mice are more likely to navigate their way indoors as food supplies dwindle.

In nature, mice eat everything from insects, worms, nuts, seeds, and most forms of vegetation. When indoors, mice will consume most foods that humans eat.

Understanding The Problems That Mice Create

Mice, as with the majority of rodents, are scavengers that may have exposure to trash, sewage, and parasites. House mice contaminate food, leave a trail of excrement, and may carry leptospirosis, tularemia, salmonellosis, and a host of other dangerous concerns. Mice also can create property damage as they burrow through insulation, gather materials for nests, and gnaw on things such as wiring.

Because they are largely nocturnal creatures, property owners often will detect the presence of mice as they scurry around at night. Females may breed rapidly indoors, increasing the demand for food and making somewhat minor intrusions into full-blown infestations.

Tips For Prevention

There are a variety of preventative measures that help to limit mice, including:

  • Clean kitchen areas regularly by wiping down counters, sweeping up crumbs, and ensuring trash containing food scraps is placed in receptacles with functional lids.
  • Do not leave pet food bowls in garages, on patios, or decks.
  • Move firewood storage away from the structure, remove any piles of debris, and keep branches and vegetation trimmed away from the exterior.
  • Use a durable caulk or sealant to fill any small openings near the foundation.

The Importance Of Contacting A Pest Extermination Professional

Online retailers and local home improvement stores are selling many do-it-yourself treatment options for consumers who are struggling with rodents that have invaded their property. Many of these products, including snap traps, sticky traps, and baiting stations, are marketed using embellished claims of effectiveness.

Unfortunately, many of these products are overhyped and incapable of realistically eliminating rodents once they have become deeply entrenched within your home. When responding to these problems, the best course of action is to speak with a licensed pest controller that will get the job done safely and efficiently.

The local professionals at Moyer Pest Control are proud to have earned QualityPro accreditation. QualityPro is nationally recognized as the pest management industry’s leading credentialing program. To join the select group of professional organizations, you must meet many of the standards for excellence resulting from pursuing education opportunities and satisfying challenging certification requirements.

QualityPro accredited companies adhere to principles associated with Integrated Pest Management that view pest control through a wider lens that is more proactive and committed to preserving the local environment. Our management team is also dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality customer service and standing behind the work we perform with a satisfaction guarantee.

Team Of Experienced Providers Of Pest Control Solutions

Did you know that the experts with Moyer Pest Control are also trained and equipped to expel infestations involving termites, ants, stinging insects, and various other unwanted pests? We will visit your home to conduct a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of the property to determine the type of pest(s) and the best treatment plan. Contact our friendly professionals today for a consultation.

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