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How To Get Rid Of Silverfish

January 20, 2014

how to get rid of silverfish

If you have silverfish inside your home, you may be wondering how they got into your property in the first place. Silverfish are small wingless insects; their name is derived from the creature’s fish-like movements and the fact that they are a silvery-grey color. These insects are between .5 and 1 inch long and they enter your home in search of the humidity that they need to survive. They can usually be found in your kitchen cupboards, basements, laundry rooms, attics and areas underneath sinks. If you are finding these pests in your home, you probably would like them to leave, ASAP. Luckily for you, the pest control pros at Moyer have a few helpful tips in getting rid of those annoying silverfish.


To get rid of silverfish, follow these tips:


  1. Eliminate possible entry areas. This includes gaps around pipes and utility wires where they enter the home as well as holes in window or door screens and gaps or crevices in the foundation of the home.

  2. Remove the conditions that these pests need to survive. Because they like areas of high humidity, using a dehumidifier in especially damp areas can help make your home less desirable for these pests. What do silverfish do when the areas of high humidity that they like are gone? They either dry up and die or move on to find a better environment.

  3. Put packets of silica gel in bookcases, but in areas where the kids can’t get to them. Silica gel helps to keep areas dry and if you have silverfish eating away at your books (which they are known to do!), this can help avoid that problem.


If you do have these pests inside your home, don’t fret; a silverfish bug bite isn’t something to be worried about. In fact, we often get asked “do silverfish bite?” from our clients; the answer is no- a silverfish bite on a human is relatively rare. However, silverfish are known for eating clothing, books, papers, wall paper and even the food in your pantries.


If you’ve followed all our helpful tips and had no success getting rid of silverfish, it’s time to call in the professionals. At Moyer, we can offer silverfish control solutions to help eliminate current populations and keep future populations from occurring. Contact us today for more information on our silverfish control solutions and to learn more about all the pest control options the Souderton pest control pros at Moyer have to offer.

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