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How Souderton Parents Can Avoid Back-To-School Bed Bugs

January 18, 2019

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During the holiday season, children are out of school and many families take vacations for their limited time off. Vacationing families often stay with relatives or in hotels when traveling around, which can be rewarding for many people. It is the traveling around that we do during this season that can put many Souderton residents at risk of a bed bug infestation during the new year.

How Bed Bugs Get In

Bed bugs are a hitchhiking pest, meaning that they spread from person to person and house to house by riding on our clothes, bags, luggage, or other belongings. They don't crawl or fly in through a crack like many other insects do.

Unfortunately for us, once bed bugs get in our homes, we can’t just wait and hope someone else will carry them out for us. Bed bugs multiply quickly. Even if a few bed bugs hitchhike out of your home, several bed bugs and their eggs will be left behind to ensure your Souderton home remains infested.

Once the holiday season ends and all the children go back to school, bed bugs can spread easily between homes. If even one student has a bed bug infestation back at home, they are likely to bring bed bugs into the classroom with them.

Once bed bugs have entered a classroom, they may crawl onto students and get carried home with them. They may stay in the classroom and reproduce to infect even more students. If the latter happens, and the classroom becomes infested, then it is highly probable that multiple children will bring bed bugs home with them. And that’s just one student and one classroom. Think about what could happen if that number is greater!

How to Prevent Bed Bugs 

Thankfully, there are some preventative measures you can take this winter to ensure that you and your family do not bring bed bugs into your home.

  • Limit the amount of bags or belongings your child brings to and from school.
  • Inspect bags for apple seed sized insects and their tiny white eggs before bringing them inside. Be sure to check pockets and creases as well.
  • Keep school items away from fabric items like clothing, couches, and beds.
  • Wash items you suspect may be infested on a high heat setting.
  • Store and bags or luggage you travel with in plastic containers after getting back from traveling. If these items can fit into the wash, wash and dry them on the highest heat setting before using them again.
  • Before you stay in a hotel room, make sure you inspect that room for any signs of bed bugs. If signs are present, ask for a new room.
  • Get rid of clutter in your home.
  • Vacuum bedrooms and other areas that bed bugs could hide, such as couch cushions or sheets and bedding.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Taking these steps can help prevent a bed bug infestation from happening in your home, but if you or someone in your family has already brought an infestation home, then it is always important to contact professional pest control experts.

Here at Moyer Pest Control, our K9 inspection team has been trained to pinpoint the location of your bed bug problem. Once these problem areas are found, our bed bug specialists will target these areas with advanced heating treatments. Moyer has your back when it comes to protecting your home from these pesky invaders. Ensure your home stays safe from bed bugs with help from Moyer Pest Control.

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