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How New Castle Homeowners Unknowingly Invite Cockroaches Inside

July 25, 2019

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There are many disgusting things that we can all agree are worth avoiding. Now, we are not necessarily talking about things like cleaning out the shower drain, but rather, about creepy, crawly, cockroaches. They are not needed, they certainly aren't wanted, and it really does not matter what they are doing in our homes in the first place—they are straight up unwelcome. If you feel this way as well, stick around. Hopefully, we can help you avoid making the mistakes many other homeowners make that invite these tiny horrors inside.


Factors That Lead To Increased Roach Activity

Every creature needs something to survive and thrive. For cockroaches, their necessities include food, moisture, and plenty of hiding places to squeeze under. Beyond these factors, things like filth and grime are just bonuses that make their life more enjoyable. Typically, when cockroaches invade homes, they do so through sewer lines, utility piping, or even straight through floor cracks. Now let’s talk about some common mistakes homeowners make that encourage cockroaches to stay if they manage to find their way inside in the first place.


Common Mistakes Homeowners Make That Attract Roaches

It only makes sense that the more you do to make your home an unwelcoming environment for cockroaches, the less likely you will be to have a problem. Having said that, here is our list of common mistakes you should avoid.


  • No Moisture Control. Fight moisture in your home as much as possible by fixing leaks and installing dehumidifiers in humid areas such as basements.

  • Dirty Living Areas. We know that keeping things clean is not always the easiest thing to do, but it sure is one of the best ways to deter roaches.

  • Left Out Food. When you are finished eating, the best thing you can do to keep roaches away is to store leftovers in a place they cannot crawl into, such as a sealed container, or in the refrigerator.

  • Unsealed Home. Many times cockroaches will find their way inside through cracks and holes. Finding these entry points and sealing them off will help tremendously in keeping cockroaches at bay.

  • Not Investing In Pest Control. The best way to keep any pest out of your home is with a professional pest control plan. By doing this, you ensure your home has the defense it needs.


To get the professional cockroach control you and your home deserve, give the pros here at Moyer a call today. We are confident we can find a solution that will suit your needs.

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