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How Did Cockroaches Get Into My Home This Winter?

January 19, 2018

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Here in West Chester, PA it’s no secret that cockroaches can be a real pest! Though they are common, a lot of people are completely unaware of the problems they cause, how they get in, how you can prevent them, and how you can get rid of them if you have them. Let us take a look at this creepy crawly pest and explore some ways we can make sure that they are not a problem this year.

First off, there are three kinds of cockroaches found in our region. Considering that they date back to prehistoric times, they are a stubborn pest, to say the least, and as they seek out a place to hide, breed, and stay warm, they are certainly a bit biased to your home with all the comfort, moisture, and heat it offers! In West Chester, you can find German roaches, Oriental roaches, and American roaches. Though similar in looks, their real differences are where they get in.

  • German roach - The German roach is the most common cockroach. They are anywhere from 1/2’ long to 5/8’ long and brown in color. German cockroaches are generally introduced through the transportation of boxes and other items that are brought into the home.

  • Oriental roach - The Oriental roach, often called the “water bug”, can grow to an inch in length. They are a shiny black to a reddish color. They are commonly found hiding in basements and crawl spaces and seem to be most apparent in the early spring. The Oriental roach enters your home from the outdoors and have even been known to enter through your sewer system.

  • American roach - The American roach is the biggest roach you will encounter in North America. Similarly in color with the Oriental breed, these cockroaches can grow to more than two inches in length! Though the American roach is a bit less common, they certainly still find their way around. They can usually be found by warm pipes or any other area with higher temperatures, and are the most common roach found in sewers.

As the cockroach crawls through drains, sewers, and decaying matter, they pick up bacteria, inadvertently spreading it through your home. They oftentimes will leave this bacteria around or on food and on food preparation areas. Cockroaches are commonly linked to asthma in children that is caused by their fecal matter, shed casings and dead bodies. Aside from the real problems cockroaches cause, quite plainly, they are disgusting and no one wants a cockroach running through the living room or any room for that matter.

Cockroaches are a harder pest to prevent due to their ability to slide their flat bodies through extremely small places and also due to their ability to enter in and around the existing pipe system of your house. A professional is generally best suited to ensure the prevention of cockroaches, though there are some tips that could help.

  • Always clean up spills quickly and thoroughly

  • Always inspect anything you bring in from the outdoors before entering your home

  • Seal up any cracks or holes in foundations, walls, and around windows and doors

  • Store food in containers and not out in the open

  • When cleaning, always make sure to get behind and under appliances

Moyer Pest Control offers an extensive, thorough, and safe year-round control plan. The Complete Home Guard plan includes four quarterly services per year that focus on the inside and outside of your home, as well as providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If a covered pest shows up in between visits, we'll also be there free of charge to take care of it. We understand that pests are already a pain, which is why they make it a priority to schedule visits at your convenience. Moyer Pest Control also offers emergency service for those that have an existing problem.

Having a professional like Moyer Pest Control take care of your pest problem is beneficial for many reasons. From our guarantee that makes certain that pests are completely eradicated and not a problem in the future, to our ability to reach those hard to access spaces with tools and techniques not available to most homeowners, Moyer Pest Control knows the importance of a pest free home. Reach out today to get started, it is a decision you will not regret. 

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