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How Big A Problem Are Pavement Ants On My Souderton Property? 

March 4, 2021


Pavement ants are among the most common ants in the United States. Although they are not dangerous, pavement ants can be a big problem on any Souderton, Pennsylvania property. Ants are insects known to invade in large numbers. Pavement ants are no exception. Their numbers can make getting rid of them difficult. Keep reading to learn about pavement ants and tips to keep them from infesting your property.

Identifying Pavement Ants

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Proper identification of invading ants is important because you need to know if you are dealing with a nuisance species like pavement ants or a more dangerous species like carpenter or fire ants. Pavements ants are a small species with reddish-brown to black color. They have oval-shaped bodies that are segmented. At the end of their last abdominal segment, they have a stinger. One notable feature of pavement ants is a pair of spines on their backs.

Their name comes from their preference of creating their nests under sidewalks and driveways. When pavement ants burrow under cement or pavement, they create dirt mounds on top of the pavement. 

Problems Caused By Pavement Ants

Although pavement ants are not dangerous, meaning they don’t carry or spread diseases, they can cause problems for Souderton property owners. This species invades homes when looking for food.

Pavement ants are scavengers with a broad diet, which means any kitchen can be susceptible to an infestation. Their diet includes most household foods such as cheese, meat, fruit, and seeds. Like any pest, if pavement ants get into human food, they can contaminate it with excrement and shed body parts. When any pest leaves behind excrement or shed body parts, this can be a source of allergies and trigger existing asthma.

Prevention is especially important when it comes to ants because they can invade in large numbers and can create nests once inside. With any ant species, the more there are the more difficult it is to get rid of them. Colonies of pavement ants have multiple queens, which means the colony can multiply rapidly.

Prevention Tips For Pavement Ants

Prevention is key for all pest control. If you can take the steps to prevent pests from coming into your Souderton home, you won’t have to worry about the difficulty of getting rid of pavement ants. The following are tips you should implement in your home and around your property to prevent pavement ants:

  • When it comes to any ant species, you want to make sure to keep your kitchen clean. Remove grease, sugar, and crumbs from your countertops, stove, and floors.

  • Properly dispose of waste both inside and outside.

  • Seal up cracks in your property’s foundation, around windows and doors, and other areas of your property.

  • Fix leaking pipes and properly clean up any leaks.

  • Remove pathways such as trees and branches touching your home.

More than sealing up your home to keep pests out, it is important to remove the factors that attract them. By reducing factors that attract pavement ants you can reduce the possibility of an invasion.

Professional Pavement Ant Control

Any species of ant can become overwhelming if they invade your property and home. For professional assistance, contact the experienced professionals at Moyer Pest Control. Moyer Pest Control has been trusted for 150 years to get pest control jobs done right. 
With a wide range of programs and special offers, Moyer Pest Control has something for all customers. Don’t let pests like pavement ants take over your property. Contact Moyer Pest Control today to get started.

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