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Home For The Holidays Without The Bed Bugs

November 19, 2012

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By now you probably have your plane tickets booked, hotel rooms reserved, and are ready for a nice holiday break. You are not alone as the holiday season tends to be a busy time of the year for the travel and hospitality industry, which means that it is important to be fully prepared for your upcoming trip. And by fully prepared we mean making sure that you well-versed on how to avoid bringing bed bugs back to your Pennsylvania home.

Bed bugs easily latch onto clothing and luggage and their eggs are sticky, which means they can attach just as easily. No matter where you are staying, a five star hotel or the economy hotel down the street, bed bugs are just as likely to be a problem wherever you stay if you are not prepared. So, what can you do to protect your person and belongings from the threat of bed bugs this holiday season?

Pack properly

  • keep clothing in large bags that seal shut inside the suitcase

  • pack a flashlight to help you with room inspections 

Learn the signs of a bed bug infestation

  • dark spots on the sheets and mattress (which are blood stains and fecal matter) 

  • light brown colored skin encasements that bed bugs shed as they grow

  • live bugs themselves (an adult bed bug is similar in size to an apple seed)

  • waking to itchy red bumps that were not upon going to bed

Learn how to properly inspect a room for bed bugs

  • don’t bring your belongings inside the room until it has been inspected

  • use your flashlight and try to inspect at night 

  • check the sheets, mattress and headboard for any of the above signs

  • look on upholstered furniture and rugs

  • check behind mirrors or other hanging artwork

  • even look by baseboards, where wall meets carpet and electrical outlets 

When you arrive home, be on alert

  • wash all clothing immediately and on the hottest temperature allowed for the fabrics

  • inspect your suitcases outside the home for any signs of bed bugs

  • vacuum out your bags before storing them away 

If you are dealing with a bed bug infestation, Moyer Indoor | Outdoor can help! We offer pest control in Souderton, Allentown and throughout our Pennsylvania service area and our PA pest control pros are ready to help you get rid of bed bugs quickly! If bed bugs are already threatening to take away your holiday cheer, please contact us right away; we will be there fast to restore your home to normal - bed bug free!

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