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Help! I Have Bed Bugs In My West Chester Business!

January 14, 2022


Plenty of misconceptions circulate about bed bugs, but one of the most harmful myths is that these pests only occur in homes or places with sleeping areas and beds. Although bed bugs may be more likely to occur in houses, these critters aren’t picky about where they infest – and they don’t mind invading West Chester businesses. 

Bed bugs can be especially dangerous for employees and customers in offices, gyms, or any other business. Here’s what West Chester business owners should know about how bed bugs get around and how infestations start, what the signs of a bed bug infestation look like in a business setting, and what to do if you’re worried that your business may have bed bugs. 

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How Do Bed Bug Infestations Start In Businesses? 

While some pests may fly or jump to get around, bed bugs are unique because they primarily use humans to travel. If you visit somewhere that has an existing bed bug infestation, like an airport, hotel, or an office, some of these parasites may latch onto your clothing or luggage and come back with you. 

Once you’ve brought them somewhere new, they will find new cracks and crevices to hide in while they wait for someone to bite. Keep in mind that bed bugs do have a preference for beds or mattresses since they provide easy access to people, but these infestations can thrive in any place with regular human activity, including airports, gyms, train and bus stations, libraries, and even college dorms. 

Unfortunately, a bed bug infestation can cause even bigger problems in a business setting. An infestation could mean stopping work projects until the bugs are eliminated and can deter customers. 

What Do The Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation In A Business Look Like? 

While you may already be familiar with the signs of a bed bug problem in houses, an infestation can look different in a business setting. Some of the signs to look out for include: 

  • Multiple people or employees reporting itchy, red welts after they’ve spent all day working 
  • Finding dark, fecal spots or rusty stains on walls, furniture, or places with high bed bug activity in your business 
  • Spotting live bugs around your business, especially in areas where there’s a lot of human activity.

Another indicator that you could have bed bugs is if an employee reports an infestation at their home. Since bed bugs get around by traveling with people, customers or employees that already have infestations can bring them into your business. 

What To Do If Your West Chester Business Has Bed Bugs

Because bed bugs can be easy to pick up and their method of traveling makes them hard to prevent, finding an infestation in your West Chester business can be scary. However, there is a way to get rid of them: with professional help from Moyer Pest Control. 

We’ve been serving West Chester businesses and homes for years, and we’ve dealt with bed bug infestations, both big and small. If you’re spotting signs of bed bugs in your business or have reason to believe there’s an infestation, you don’t want to wait. Call us at Moyer Pest Control today to learn more about our bed bug control services. 

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