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Headaches Bed Bugs Cause For West Chester Residents

September 20, 2021


With kids being back in school, you might find yourself back to your old routines. Shuttling your kids to and from school, practices, and friends’ houses, or bringing their friends home with you. You’ve always opened your home to your kids’ friends for sleepovers and birthday parties, but did you know you could be opening your home to bed bugs as well?

Bed bugs are perfect hitchhikers, crawling into backpacks and luggage, making the great voyage into your home where they hope to find new hosts to feed off. Bed bugs don’t discriminate between clean homes and dirty ones. All they care about is a place to hide out until the lights go out and it’s time to feed off your sleeping bodies. Once a bed bug infestation has occurred, it can be a difficult situation to resolve.

Adverse Health Effects Of Having A Bed Bug Infestation

Unlike mosquitoes and other disease-carrying bugs, bed bugs can not make you sick. However, they can cause multiple physical and mental challenges for you and your family when a bed bug infestation occurs in your West Chester home. Bed bugs feed off your blood while you sleep, leaving behind itchy bites for you to discover in the morning. Bed bug bites can be more harmful than you realize, creating even more of an issue than you bargained for.

Some of the health effects to consider are:

  • Some people are allergic to bed bug bites. Allergic reactions should not be taken lightly and require medical attention.

  • Infection can come from scratching bites. Bed bug bites can be incredibly itchy, and resisting the urge to scratch may be too difficult. If germs and dirt get into the open bites, an infection can occur.

  • Stress occurs over how to resolve the situation.

  • Sleep deprivation may cause difficulty sleeping if you suspect you have a bed bug problem.

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The Toll Bed Bugs Take On Your Mental Health

While it is true that bed bugs do not carry diseases, it’s safe to say none of us want the headache that comes with getting a bed bug infestation. Upon discovering you have a problem, you may feel embarrassed and stressed. The daunting task of ridding your home may leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

Stress and anxiety are two common mental health challenges today. Both stress and anxiety can lead to physical ailments over time if left unresolved. The loss of sleep coupled with the stress that bed bug infestations can cause can leave you feeling hopeless. Your work and home life may suffer as a result.

When To Call The Professionals At Moyer Pest Control

You don’t have to suffer. If you find yourself with a bed bug infestation, don’t waste time, money, energy, and your mental health trying to resolve it yourself. Call us at Moyer Pest Control for our bed bug control service. We will send out a team to do a free inspection of your home. Upon discovering your bed bug infestation, we will assess it and decide on the best plan of action. Our team will permanently rid your home of these pesky bed bugs and get you back to having a good night's sleep in no time. We offer trusted pest control solutions in West Chester.

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