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Get Rid Of Ants In West Chester

August 8, 2015

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It really doesn’t matter what species of ant is roaming through your yard and invading your home; they are all un-welcomed guests that need to be sent packing! There are currently three major species of ants active in our community. They are carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and pavement ants. Although odorous house ants and pavement ants do not carry disease or destroy wood in your home, they are still a grievous insect to have to deal with –after all, no one likes to walk into their kitchen and see ants climbing all over counters and contaminating food. Carpenter ants, on the other hand, are destructive little creatures, and are common culprits in the damaging of sills, and support beams in your home. So exactly how do you tell the difference between these species of ant? Well, there are some tell-tale signs to look for:


Carpenter Ants:

  • Large black ants
  • About ½ inch in size
  • Nest in moist wood
  • Do not usually carry disease
  • Can cause severe damage to buildings


Odorous House Ants:

  • Small dark brown to blackish in color
  • About 1/16th of an inch in size
  • Emit a ‘rotten coconut’ odor when crushed
  • Do not usually carry disease
  • Can contaminate food supplies
  • Love sweets and melons


Pavement Ants:

  • Small reddish brown to black in color
  • About 1/8th of an inch in size
  • Nest is cracks and crevices of pavement and stone
  • Can invade homes – especially concrete slab foundations
  • Do not usually carry disease


No matter which of these nuisances you are dealing with it is important to eliminate them from your home as soon as you notice them. There are a few things you can do to make your home less attractive for these creatures, such as:

  • Make sure to eliminate any high moisture areas and replace moisture damaged wood as soon as you notice it
  • Remove any tree stumps and roots as soon as possible to eliminate possible nesting sites
  • Trim over-hanging branches especially near roofs and eaves – these are easy access super highways for ants to enter your home
  • Prune branches that touch electrical lines or wires that are connected to your home
  • Keep your food picked up and sealed for storage
  • Be sure to clean up any ‘leftovers’ and sweep up crumbs right away
  • Store trash outside your home in trash cans that have tightly sealing lids


Ants, however, are a formidable nemesis and require the intervention of a professional like Moyer Pest. The service professionals here at Moyer are registered and licensed by state or local jurisdictions and use only EPA registered products. Established in 1869, we have the experience to deal with the pests that are bothering you and will respond within 24 hours of your call! Remember, when you are dealing with any species of ant in your West Chester home be sure to call the experienced professionals at Moyer to ensure that you get rid of those creepy crawling ants!

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