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Everything You Don't Want To Know About Bed Bugs

January 19, 2017

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There is something about the bed bug that makes us all wrinkle our noses in distaste whenever we think about them. People often find it difficult to believe that an infestation of these pesky creatures could possibly happen without anyone noticing. The bed bug epidemic is on the rise across the country. In truth, we all probably know someone who has suffered from a bed bug infestation at one time or another. With that in mind, there are a few things that every home owner should, but probably does not want to know about bed bugs.

Bed bugs; not just for beds anymore - While it’s true that the most common place to find a bed bug infestation is within the mattress and that is always where an inspection should start, bed bugs can just as easily find themselves at home living in your furniture, carpeting, or anywhere they can have close access to their favorite food source.

Bed bugs will live anywhere - There is a persistent myth that bed bugs are only found in dirty and unkempt surroundings. The truth is that bed bugs can and will live anywhere where they have access to food. This includes dorm rooms, hotels, Grandmother’s house, and even hospitals have been known to have them. It doesn’t matter how clean your home is or how new your mattress is.

Bed Bugs are world class travelers - Part of the sudden spike of bed bug infestations in recent years can all be attributed to just how often people are traveling. These pests are tiny and sneaky. They can easily find their way into the luggage and clothing of people passing through. It only takes a minute for them to attach themselves to a new host from a bus seat, airplane seat, or waiting room furniture. Then, it is just a matter of time for them to establish themselves in a new home with the host being none the wiser.

Bed bugs feed while you sleep - Ever wonder where the old rhyme, “Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite,” came from? Bed bugs are no slouches when it comes to picking their home. These wily bugs are well aware of where you sleep and will typically wait for that time to creep out of hiding and partake. Their food of choice is the blood of their host, but they will first inject a special anesthetic from their saliva that prevents any pain from the bite making it unlikely that you will even notice that you are the victim. This means that you probably won’t even wake up, and in 10 minutes or so a very full bed bug can go about its business.

Home remedies for bed bugs rarely work - Typically, once a home owner discovers that the itchy rash they have that doesn’t seem to go away is due to a bed bug infestation, they have a full-blown infestation on their hands. There are different products that you can try that will likely cut down on the numbers or even kill off the adults. The difficulty lies in making sure that you get all the eggs and any bugs that might be hiding in other parts of the home. It is likely that you might think that the bed bugs have been taken care of only to discover that they are back just a few short months later.

Moyer Pest Control can help. Our skilled K9 unit and our trained technicians can help you confirm the extent of your infestation and help you come up with a plan to treat it. Whether you have a single family home or a full apartment building, Moyer Pest Control is Pennsylvania’s most trusted and most effective bed bug control provider.

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