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Essential Steps For Mosquito Prevention In Souderton This Summer

June 7, 2019

a blood thirsty mosquito biting the bare skin of a souderton resident

If you’ve been able to avoid ever being bitten by a mosquito throughout your life, many people would believe you are lying simply because mosquitoes are such common warm-weather pests. Here in Souderton, it would almost be a miracle if mosquitoes were never spotted buzzing around and feeding on our blood. Not so surprisingly, most Souderton residents would agree that mosquitoes are not one of the benefits of warmer weather. On the contrary, many would even go as far as to say they wished mosquitoes didn’t exist. If you’re worried about mosquitoes this year, you may be tempted to stay inside until the weather cools down again and mosquitoes go away. But why should you have to miss out on sunshine and clear skies?

Why Mosquitoes Are Becoming More Active

As we move into the last stretches of spring and soon onto summer, now is the time that Souderton homeowners are seeing mosquitoes enter their most active period. With the temperatures only continuing to increase, mosquito activity will continue to increase, as well. Summer months tend to be much warmer, but also much more humid, which happens to provide just the right conditions for mosquito populations to thrive. Unfortunately, when mosquitoes thrive on our properties, it can begin to take a lot of the fun out of summer. After all, no one wants itchy red welts up and down their legs, and certainly not if there is the risk of contracting a serious disease.

Mosquito Prevention Tips

If you haven’t already thought about ways you can prepare for mosquito season, it’s not too late to start taking steps in the right direction. No property can be completely safe from the frustrations of mosquitoes without professional mosquito treatment.

There are a few things you can do to minimize your exposure and avoid being bitten:

  • Wear insect repellent every time you head outdoors.

  • Mosquitoes are more active in the evening and early morning. If possible, avoid spending time outdoors during these times.

  • In order to breed and lay their eggs, mosquitoes must have some source of standing water. Try and reduce moisture on your property by emptying items that collect water.

  • Keep mosquitoes out of your Souderton home with screens over your doors and windows. This way, you can enjoy the summer breeze without allowing mosquitoes or other pests inside.

Consider Professional Mosquito Treatment

Even when you follow every single mosquito prevention tip you can find, there’s still a good chance you’ll find mosquitoes on your Souderton property. However, when you trust your mosquito frustrations to the professionals here at Moyer, you won’t need to spend your summer with the stress of mosquitoes infesting your property. Our mosquito services run all throughout mosquito season, which extends from May through October. If mosquitoes are disturbing your warm-weather fun, you can trust Moyer Pest Control to get the job done!

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