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Do Not Trust Bed Bugs Sprays

August 29, 2017


When bed bugs appear, it can drive rational people to act very irrationally, like when they throw beds out, apply rubbing alcohol to floors and baseboards, or attempt to do a heat treatment by opening up the stove in the kitchen. None of these are good ideas. In fact, some of them are downright dangerous. But even rational solutions can turn out to be highly ineffective at getting rid of bed bugs. Sprays are one of them. While you can kill bed bugs with sprays, it is only likely to lead to ongoing torment from these pests. Here's why:

A lot of "miracle" sprays that kill bed bugs do so by direct contact. This is a problem for many reasons:

  • If you spray pesticides on a bed bug infestation, it is only going to be topical. It isn't going to get into that mattress, box spring, or sofa you're spraying. It will only kill the bugs on the top. That leaves the bugs within with the ability to escape the treatment. And it allows them to come back and bite you another day.

  • When you kill bed bugs with spray, you actually warn the other bed bugs of danger. When bed bugs perceive a threat, it can drive them deep into wall voids. If the spray does anything, it stop bites for a day or two, but you can be sure that those bed bugs will be back to bite you, once they believe the threat is gone.

  • Bed bugs have the ability to grow pesticide-resistant skins. If you manage to kill some bed bugs now, you may be raising some super bed bugs in the process. As bed bugs grow, they go through 5 stages of development, shedding their skin (cuticle) in each stage. This is when they will develop a new, pesticide-resistant cuticle.

At the very best, bed bug sprays can reduce bed bugs. But, they hardly ever stop an infestation. This is one bug you want to make sure you get the first time. Over time, these pests can cause trauma by returning to bite over and over again.

Don't trust bed bug sprays to solve your bed bug problem. Contact a professional pest control company, preferably one that is QualityPro certified by the National Pest Management Association. The QualityPro seal of excellence ensures that you'll get the highest level of service available in the pest-control industry.

If you're in our Pennsylvania service area, let Moyer Pest Control's QualityPro-certified team assist you with your bed bug problem. We use the most advanced protocols to ensure that all those bugs are exterminated. The first time.

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