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Bed Bug Hysteria

March 2, 2015

Article on Bed Bugs

In 2010 bed bugs created a little bit of a panic in New York City. You could hardly turn on the television without hearing about them. They were everywhere, even Bloomingdale's. This drove New Yorkers to change their habits. Instead of a night out at the movies, they were staying home with Netflix. Instead of shopping at an outlet store, they were online searching for clothes. The fear of bed bugs created a surge for online retailers, and a drought for brick and mortar stores. Why such fear? Because bed bugs have a stigma attached to them. No one in their right mind wants to be eaten alive while they sleep. This is disturbing on so many levels. But, for the sake of public awareness, let's take a proper look at these blood-eating bugs. Perhaps if we understand what bed bugs are and how they infest, we will be less likely to react with hysteria, and more likely to face this problem with a level head.

Bed bugs eat blood, just like fleas, mites, lice and ticks. They do not carry disease, and they won't get inside your body. They just crawl all over you while you sleep, and draw your blood out through your skin. Do you feel better now? Okay. Perhaps we need a bit more information.

What you really need to know is that you CAN protect yourself from bed bugs--without removing everything in your home and sleeping in the center of the living room. Though it is true that bed bugs can live inside your coffee maker, alarm clock, and laptop computer, getting rid of these items is not the solution. Here are the three things you need to know to keep bed bugs from nibbling on your while you sleep.

Bed bugs are hitchhikers. This is not a bug that will crawl into your home. If you have bed bugs, it is because they hitchhiked in. To prevent this, make sure to check for bed bugs when you travel. Look for black sticky areas on mattress seams and corners. Use a flashlight to look for these bugs on backboards and upholstered furniture. And check to see if bed bugs have been reported at the place you intend to stay.

Bed bugs like to nest where you sleep. If you have found bed bugs or want to protect against them, mattress covers are a great idea.

Bed bugs can be detected. If you hire a company like Moyer Indoor | Outdoor to do routine inspections, their bed bug sniffing dogs can detect living bed bugs before they can even hatch from their eggs.

Bed bugs are creepy. There's no doubt about it. But you don't have to live in fear. By keeping a trained eye out for bed bugs, using protective coverings on your mattresses, and hiring a professional to do routine inspections, you can keep your home bed bug free. Now, go enjoy your movie. Spend the day shopping. And, leave that bed bug hysteria behind.

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