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Bed Bug Eating Habits

October 20, 2016

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bed bug crawling across bed

One of the ways most folks realize they have bed bugs is when they notice rashy bites all over their skin. So, it goes without saying that "how often" a bed bug eats is directly connected to how "easy" it is to detect an infestation. But, bed bugs don't make anything easy.

When the signs of bed bugs appear, or these tiny rust-colored bugs are found, do-it-yourself pest control is often a first resort. It shouldn't be. But it is.

The biggest problem with DIY bed bug control is that it can sometimes seem like it worked. These bugs have been dwelling with man for centuries. And, they know how to avoid our attempts to kill them. If they detect a threat, they will often slow or stop their feeding until the perceived threat passes. This can make someone who is being plagued by bed bugs think that their pest control measures worked--until the bugs resurface in disturbingly higher numbers.

You are probably aware that bed bugs are hitchhikers, most people are. But, what you may not know is recurring infestations are not usually something that comes from outside a home. It is more likely that bed bugs have gone dormant, rather than the catalyst that brought them into the home occurring again.

An adult bed bug can survive for about five months without a blood meal. That is plenty of time for you to think they're gone. What is worse, fully fed females can go into walls and cracks and lay eggs. When the bugs come out of hiding, there may be more of them. Many more.

Baby bed bugs, called nymphs, can also go quite a while without feeding. A typical nymph, depending on the temperature and humidity, can survive weeks without a blood meal.

When bed bugs begin to eat, they will generally feed every three to seven days, depending on the age of the bed bug and environmental conditions. That means that many of the bugs will be in a digestive state a lot of the time, making it more likely that DIY pest control will cause dormancy, rather than eradication.

If you are being plagued by bed bugs, consider getting a professional to safely and thoroughly address the problem. At Moyer Pest Control, our bed bug control specialists are trained in the most advanced bed bug protocols available. If you live in West Chester, or our extensive Pennsylvania service area, let our team get rid of all of the bugs, not just some of them.

Don't let the bed bugs bite. Don't even let them wait to bite. Get them all with advanced bed bug control from Moyer Pest Control.

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