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Are Ants Invading Your West Chester Home?

June 19, 2015

ants in west chester home

It is a sure bet that ants either have invaded your home in the past, currently are marching through your West Chester home or soon will be moving in. Ants are unquestionably one of the most common nuisance pests for residents throughout the United States. The more common ants in Pennsylvania include the carpenter ant, Odorous house ant and the pavement ant.

Ants are social insects, living in a colony of thousands of ants. The colony is divided up into three castes: queens, workers and males. Each caste has particular duties and responsibilities. Understanding the function of each caste will greatly aid in eradicating and controlling the invasion of ants.

Queens are the reproductive females of the colony and are often two or three times larger than the worker caste. The queen is equipped with wings but loses her wings soon after mating. Queens generally live several years.

The male is usually the same size or slightly larger than the worker. Like the queen, males also have wings. Males are produced in established colonies and use their wings to fly in search of a queen with which to mate. The male then dies soon after mating.

These wing-equipped queens and kings take flight at certain times of the year. They are referred to as swarmers. The swarming of large numbers of these flying ants is a sure indication that there is a colony of ants inside your house or very close by. Once a mating takes place, the male dies and the queen selects a suitable place and begins digging out a space for a colony and deposits her eggs.

The worker caste is made up of females that are sterile and wingless. The duties of the worker ant vary during her lifetime of one to three years. Their responsibilities usually begin with taking care of the queen and her young. Soon after this first task, the worker switches to more of a maintenance role of digging, maintaining and defending the nest. They are often referred to during this function as a soldier. At full maturity, the worker ant begins foraging for food.

Other than the short time of reproducers swarming, the foraging worker is usually the only caste of ants that is seen invading your home. The foraging worker leaves the nest in search of food for the rest of the colony. However, their life is soon to end by the time they reach this level of responsibility while the queen and her young are all very much alive and safe inside the colony.

Keep in mind that the purpose of these worker ants in your home is to forage for food. Removing all sources of food and water will discourage them from returning to your home. Killing the foraging workers will not correct the invasion of ants in your West Chester home. Other workers will continue marching through your kitchen in search of food. The only way to completely eradicate the invasion of ants is to find and destroy the entire colony. This often takes professionally trained pest control specialists like Moyer Indoor | Outdoor. We will identify the species, locate the colony and eradicate these nuisance pests. Click here to learn more about our home pest control programs or simply contact us!

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