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Are All Wasps In Souderton Dangerous?

August 7, 2020


Ancient civilizations were built with walls and gates and were scattered with guards to keep out intruders. Even in modern-day, nations have well-protected borders designed to keep their citizens protected from outside invaders. Wasps are no different. They build their tiny civilizations and have guards tasked to protect them. Step too close to a wasp kingdom and you could get attacked. The question is, are all wasps here in Souderton dangerous? We will be talking about this today as well as giving you one simple trick to remove wasp nests from your property.

Which Wasps Are Dangerous?

The simple truth of the matter is that all wasps are capable of hurting you, but not all want to hurt you. Most species of wasps are passive and do their best to avoid human interaction. Some wasps that fall under this category are paper wasps and mud daubers. As long as you leave these wasps alone and give them space, you should never have to worry about being stung. The only time these timid buzzers will sting is if they are trapped or feel threatened.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are yellow jackets and hornets. These two buzzers are far more protective over their nests and are much more likely to attack humans. Sometimes it can seem like attacks from these stingers are for no reason at all, but almost always it has to do with an individual crossing into what they consider “their territory.” This behavior becomes even worse in the fall as queens get ready for hibernation. 

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Identifying Yellow Jackets

Because yellow jackets are the most dangerous species of wasps here in Souderton, you should know how to identify them. This should not be too difficult as yellow jackets have a very distinct black and yellow pattern across their bodies.

Identifying Wasps By Their Nest

Where you find nests on your property is another great way to identify what type of wasps are present on your property. Mud tubes built onto exterior walls are a sign of mud daubers. Enclosed or hexagonal-patterned nests hanging up high are most likely paper wasps' nests. Underground nests most commonly belong to yellow jackets. We should mention that these locations do not always determine species. Some paper wasps build their nests underground, and yellow jackets have been known to make large hives that hang from trees or on the sides of structures.

How Many Times Are Wasps Able To Sting?

Wasps are not like honey bees. When they sting, their stingers stay intact. This means they are able to attack multiple times in a row without any hindrance. Because of this, wasps are considered extremely dangerous pests as one sting is no big deal, but one hundred could land you in the hospital.

If you are allergic to wasps, it will not take more than one string to put you in danger. If you don’t know whether you are allergic to wasps or not, consult with your doctor. They will perform the needed tests and help you understand how dangerous wasps might be to you.

The Best Way To Get Wasps Off Your Property

Because all wasps are equally dangerous, they should be treated the same when it comes to elimination, and that is, with extreme caution. If you do not have the proper safety gear or experience to deal with wasps on your own, we recommend getting a professional involved. For the absolute best pest control services, trust Moyer Pest Control. We have over a century and a half of experience and would be happy to put our skill to use by removing dangerous wasps' nests from your property.

Reach out to us today to schedule a service visit for your Souderton property.

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