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Answering Souderton's Most Commonly Asked Ground Beetle Questions

August 5, 2020


There is a good chance you have never heard of ground beetles, but have seen them inside your home many times. You may have even mistaken them for cockroaches. If you would like to learn more about these pests, we are going to be answering some of Souderton’s most commonly asked questions about ground beetles today.

What Do Ground Beetles Do?

Ground beetles are mainly yard pests that feed on seeds and insects. Fortunately, this behavior in no way damages lawns or plantlife. 

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Are Ground Beetles Common?

Ground beetles are one of if not the largest and most common species of beetles here in the United States. Thousands of sub-species of ground beetles exist across our country, some native, others imported either accidentally or on purpose from other countries.

What Do Ground Beetles Look Like?

Ground beetles are small bugs roughly 1/8 - 1 1/2 inches long when fully grown. They have a hard shell and are equipped with six legs and a pair of antennae. Their color can vary from black to dark brown but also includes metallics such as bronze, spotted brown, black, iridescent green, and black edged in blue.

Are Ground Beetles Dangerous?

Ground beetles are completely harmless. They are incapable of spreading diseases and are not know to be destructive in any way. The worst you can expect from these pests is a foul-smelling irritant that they excrete when crushed or threatened.

How Do Ground Beetles Get Into Homes?

Ground beetles enter homes in the same way most other insects do, through a gap, crack, or opening they can find. These entry points can be found within a home’s foundation, around window and door frames, via ripped or torn screens, and under doors that are not equipped with door sweeps.

Why Are Ground Beetles In My House?

Ground beetles are not common house pests but they will invade as summer ends and homes provide more warmth than nature does outside. Often times in fall, ground beetles will be drawn to the exterior of homes, from here they will look for entry points and invade in mass numbers.

What Is The Best Way To Keep Ground Beetles Out Of My Home?

One way you can prevent ground beetles from getting into your home is with proper exclusion. Here are a few prevention tips our experts recommend:

  • Search your home’s exterior for gaps and cracks in its foundation as well as spacing around window and door frames. Use a caulking gun or some liquid cement to fill in any entry points you find.

  • Inspect your home’s weather stripping and repair or replace ones that have been damaged.

  • If you have not already invested in high-quality door sweeps for your home, make sure to do so for all exterior doors.

  • Keep your yard free of clutter and debris.

  • Trim your grass weekly and keep your bushes well maintained.

  • Keep tree branches and bushes trimmed at least five feet from your home's exterior foundation.

  • Repair leaky piping and fixtures in and around your home.

  • Use a dehumidifier inside your home to keep humidity down.

How Do You Kill Ground Beetles?

The only real way to get ground beetles out of your home is with professional pest control services. At Moyer Pest Control, we offer detailed treatments to eliminate ground beetle infestations of all sizes. We also offer a range of pest control plans designed to stop ground beetles before they ever think of invading.

Give us a call today for more details or to schedule a service visit for your Souderton home.

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