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a wolf spider inside of a souderton pennsylvania home



Why Souderton Residents May Still Be Seeing Spiders In Their Homes

With winter coming, many bugs that are outdoors will face death if they don’t play their cards right. While some, like spiders, have a system that allows them to stay outside and continue to live, no matter how cold it gets, many must seek warm shelter.

a large wolf spider scurring accross the walking path of a souderton pennsylvania resident



All The Crazy Places Spiders In Souderton Could Be Hiding  

There’s nothing worse than getting home after a long day only to find a spider waiting for you in your room. These creepy crawlers are some of the sneakiest pests around and they can be found in some very strange places.

a common but very hairy and dark scary looking house spider in west chester pennsylvania



How The Common House Spider Gets Into Your West Chester Home

The American House Spider is a tiny spider with a fat belly, brown in color with stripes on its legs. While it is not venomous, if one bites you it can be itchy. For the most part, they are relatively harmless, but you still don’t want them in your home. Their presence can signify a larger pest problem.

a long legged grey wolf spider crawling through the crevices of a souderton pennsylvania home



Why Are There Giant Hairy Spiders In My Souderton Home?

Here in Souderton, there are two known species of wolf spider: the hogna carolinensis, aka the Carolina wolf spider, and the hogna aspersa. Aspersa is the larger of the two, but besides this difference, these spiders look very similar.

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