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a brown banded cockroach crawling along a glossy wooden table top in a souderton pennsylvania home



Ridding the Roaches from Your Souderton Home

Cockroaches are terrifying pests. They defy our shared understanding of how living things survive. Did you know they can last underwater for up to 40 minutes or that they can live a week without their heads?  You try to squash them, and it's like they come back from the dead.

an american cockroach crawling over and along the edge of a west Chester Pennsylvania kitchen counter top



Cockroach Prevention Tips Every West Chester Homeowner Should Know

There are several ways homeowners can lower the risk of their homes getting infested with cockroaches. However, even with effective DIY strategies and prevention steps, your home may still fall victim to a cockroach infestation. Should this happen, contact Moyer Pest Control right away.

a family of cockroaches crawling along a newcastle Pennsylvania picnic table in a residential back park



How New Castle Homeowners Unknowingly Invite Cockroaches Inside          

Cockroaches. They are not needed, they certainly aren't wanted, and it really does not matter what they are doing in our homes in the first place—they are straight up unwelcome. If you feel this way as well, stick around. Hopefully, we can help you avoid making the mistakes many other homeowners make that invite these tiny horrors inside.

cockroach on egg carton



How Cockroaches Find Their Way Into Souderton Homes

Cockroaches present serious health concerns when they get into a home. So, today, we're going to look at another way to protect your Souderton home against cockroaches in 2019.

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