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a Carpenter ant crawlong through dirt and gravel in a New Castle pennsylvania yard



Carpenter Ant Warning Signs To Watch For In New Castle Homes

We see big black ants run across our kitchen floor and get annoyed at the intrusion. Most likely we give them a stomp and toss them in the trash, not to think about again. Unfortunately, large black ants running through your home can be a sign of a carpenter ant problem. Carpenter ants are a big threat to New Castle homes in the summer months. The damage they cause can be severe. You’ll want…

a colont of carpenter ants creating massive destruction to a souderton home



Why You Shouldn't Underestimate Carpenter Ants In Souderton

Carpenter ants are often overlooked when it comes to property damage. It can be easy to mistake a carpenter ant for a harmless little black ant instead of the incredibly damaging insects that they are. Carpenter ants are capable of providing much more damage than they are given credit for. If you’re not on the lookout, carpenter ants could take root and begin to do extensive damage to your…

a large colony of black ants infesting the walkway of a west chester home



How To Stop An Ant Infestation In West Chester In Its Tracks

Anthills are appearing everywhere and ruining lawns. Lines of ants are running along the pavement to outside trash bins. If you’re lucky, the ants haven’t found a way inside your home. Even so, ants in the yard can also be big a nuisance. If you haven’t taken precautions against ants this season, they could soon take over your West Chester lawn and home.

ants on a plant



What Can I Do About The Ant Hills Around My New Castle Lawn?

It’s May which means some homeowners are already seeing an increase in ant activity in their yards as well as ants trying to invade their homes. If you have ant hills around your New Castle lawn, this is a warning sign.

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