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Year-Round Pantry Pest Prevention Strategies For Souderton Homeowners

It can be a disturbing sight to take a pantry item out and discover insects crawling around inside, or to notice tiny moths crawling around in your cabinets. Pantry pests don't just get into food, they lay their eggs in the food we eat. Today, we're going to give you a few facts that you may not know about pantry pests and offer up some prevention tips that can help you prevent pantry pest infestations year-round.

indian meal moth in flour

Do you know pantry pests can come into your home from the outside?

If a pantry pest has found its way into your yard, it could find its way into your home. These tiny insects are attracted to food sources, some of which might surprise you. Use these tips to prevent an infestation:

  • Make sure all your screens are in good working condition.

  • Seal gaps and cracks in your exterior to keep these pests out.

  • Make sure none of your pantry items are past due.

  • Keep your shelves and cabinets clean.

  • Consider storing your pantry items in sealed plastic, or preferably glass, containers.

Do you know that you can bring pantry pests home from the store?

Pantry pests, like the cigarette beetle, rice weevil, Indian meal moth, and many others, can lay their eggs in foods before you purchase them. It is possible to bring an infestation home from the grocery store or food market. Use these tips to prevent an infestation:

  • Check packages for holes or obvious entry points.

  • Check all due dates on packages. Foods that smell strong are more attractive to these pests.

  • When you get your products home, consider storing them in sealed plastic or glass containers. When you transfer your stored food products, you can examine them for webbing or insect activity. 

Do you know that some pantry pests move from container to container?

In the larval stage, many pantry pests chew through cardboard, paper, and thin plastic. Therefore, bringing a contaminated item into your home can result in a widespread pest issue. Use these tips to prevent additional problems.

  • Clean your shelves and vacuum cracks and crevices. This can help to remove any pests that may be hiding outside of the packages they came in.

  • Consider storing your items in sealed plastic or glass containers. This prevents pantry pests from getting in or out. They also seal in the smell of food, which is an attractant for pantry pests.

Do you know that finding moths in your pantry is rarely a sign of an impending infestation?

Indian meal moths are the adult stage of this pest. When they reach this stage, they actually stop eating. The only role of the adults is reproduction. When you find Indian meal moths in your pantry, they are a warning sign that you have eggs, larvae, and pupae inside one of your food packages. Use these tips to deal with Indian meal moths. 

  • Find the contaminated food source and remove it.

  • Clean shelves and vacuum cracks and crevices.

  • Install pheromone sticky traps to monitor Indian meal moth activity in your pantry and determine whether or not you've solved the problem by cleaning shelves and vacuuming crevices.

  • Consider storing your foods in sealed plastic or glass containers. This will prevent meal moths from escaping contaminated packages and stop them from laying their eggs in other packages.

Did you notice a trend?

When it comes to year-round pantry pest control, the best solution is sealed containers—glass preferably. Containers allow you to catch infestations early and prevent you from eating food that has pantry pests in them. Containers keep pantry pests from moving between packages and seals in the smells that attract pantry pests and other pests that eat your food, such as cockroaches and ants.

How can a professional help?

Sometimes pantry pest issues aren't easy to correct. We've seen lots of strange situations through the years, such as a rodent collecting food from within the home and storing it in a wall void. When pantry pests lay their eggs in a hidden food source like this, it can be extremely difficult to figure out what's going on, and difficult to fix the issue. A professional has training and experience dealing with pest control problems that have more than one source.

Another way a professional can help is by providing year-round pest control service for the exterior of your home. If pantry pests come into your yard and explore your exterior, barrier treatments can stop them from getting inside. Along with this, your pest control technician will perform valuable pest maintenance and inspections to make sure your barrier is as effective as it can be.

Do you have other questions?

Many questions can arise when pantry pests are found in Souderton homes. If you're battling pantry pests, reach out to Moyer Pest Control. We have the answers you're looking for. 

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