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Year-Round Flea Prevention Tips

Flea Frustrations

There is nothing more frustrating than treating for fleas in your home only to have them come back again and again. Fleas will cause your dogs to dig at their ears and thump, thump, thump with their scratching at all hours of the night. Fleas will make your cats crazy and can cause flea allergies, and they will lurk in the carpet to jump onto your ankles as soon as you put your foot down.

In this article, we're going to focus on what can be done in each season to keep your home flea-free.

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What Causes Fleas To Infest Homes

If you are scratching your head (or ankles) wondering how fleas keep getting into your home, you are not alone. Many folks don't understand how fleas operate. First off, you don't need to have pets to get fleas in your home. Fleas can come in on other creatures. If you have any gaps, cracks, or holes in your foundation or walls, fleas may be getting into your home in the fur of rodents. Mice and rats typically carry parasites such as mites, lice, ticks, and fleas.

If you do have pets, they may be picking up fleas in your yard, because wild animals have been visiting. If wildlife and rodents feel at home on your property, it is likely they are dropping flea eggs in your grass, which will then hatch, and attach to your pets when they are outside. Finally, fleas can come in on used furniture or other items. Make sure to check all used items that are brought into your home for any sign of fleas or other pests, such as bed bugs.

Spring Prevention Tips

  • Remove clutter from your property. Rodents and wildlife love to hide behind clutter, so removing things they can hide behind, or under, will deter them from bringing fleas onto your property.

  • Remove yard debris and leaf litter. This will not only deter animals, but it will also help to keep insect pests out of your yard.

  • Trim vegetation back away from your perimeter. If there are no hiding places around your home, animals carrying fleas will not come in close. If they do come in close, there is a chance they will find a way into your cellar, walls voids, or attic spaces, where they can begin to spread fleas (as well as lice, mites, and ticks).

Summer Prevention Tips

  • If you have not already done the spring prevention tips, they can certainly be done in summer.

  • Be sure your pets have veterinarian-prescribed flea control products. This is not only a necessary flea preventative for summer, but for other seasons as well.

  • Bathe and/or groom your pets periodically.

  • Consider fencing in an area where your pets can run free but are protected from fleas potentially left by rodents or wild animals. (Having flea-reduction services for these areas will go a long way in keeping fleas away.)

  • Make your yard less inviting to other furry creatures by keeping your lawn trimmed, removing weeds and other clutter, and keeping trash in sealed containers.

  • If you notice wildlife or rodents in your yard, call for professional assistance to have them removed.

Fall Prevention Tips

  • If you have not done spring and summer prevention tips, they can all be done in the fall.

  • Carefully inspect your foundation and outer walls for gaps, holes, or cracks where rodents may find a way in, carrying fleas with them. Seal up all holes found to prevent not only rodents, but other household pests as well. When the weather begins to change and temperatures fall, this is the time when more pests try to find their way into warm/dry homes.

Winter Prevention Tips

  • Depending on snow covering, the above flea prevention tips may be able to be performed.

  • Keep up with flea products on pets, as well as bathing and grooming.

How Moyer Pest Control Can Help

If you are seeing rodents or wild animals in your yard, Moyer can assist in their safe, humane removal; if you need to remove wildlife from your home, we can take care of that too. Reach out to Moyer today if have questions or to schedule immediate pest control services.

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