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Pest Control For Wilmington, DE

Wilmington is situated to the North East of beautiful Delaware, and is home to over 71,000 people, earning itself the privilege of being the second-most populous city in Delaware. Known for being the first Swedish settlement in North America, Wilmington’s roots run deep. Just like our roots here at Moyer Pest.

While we may not be as old as Wilmington, our roots run deep, as we have been servicing the east coast since the mid-eighteen hundreds. There is no question about it, with several certifications, including QualityPro accreditation, Moyer proves time and time again to be the best in the business. No matter your pest, no matter the severity, you can always trust Moyer!


Residential Pest Control In Wilmington, DE

It seems no matter what we do, pests always find their way into our homes, but definitely not our hearts. This is why Moyer exists, to keep homes safe from destructive, dangerous, and aggravating pests. We make this happen with our award-winning services that include:

  • Six friendly service visits conducted every other month, designed to directly target each season's unique pests

  • Five proven services that treat your home's exterior, with interior treatments only as needed

  • Four effective applications to target mosquitoes and ticks

  • Three annual visits from pest professionals to inspect termite monitors placed around your home

  • Two extra non-pest services, consisting of home maintenance and security, and lawn and yard care

  • One thorough interior inspection designed to protect your home through the winter months when pests are most likely to invade, and we ensure that your home is termite-free

Give us a call to learn more about our residential pest control options in Wilmington, DE.

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Are Mosquitoes In Wilmington, DE Dangerous?

We don’t always stop to consider how mosquito bites affect our health, mainly due to their frequency and the overarching feeling of annoyance for the needle-nosed pests themselves. The truth is, the mosquitoes in Delaware do pose a potential threat to our health.

Though not as prevalent here in the states as in Africa, the West Nile virus still looms as a potential threat that can be transmitted by mosquitoes. Our year-round protection plan, which comes with six monthly outdoor treatments to target mosquitoes and, specifically, the places they breed, is one of our best options. Proven to greatly reduce the mosquito population and presence on your property, our seasonal mosquito control plan runs from May to October and can be purchased as a separate entity.

Whether you decide to bundle this service with one of our yearly plans or purchase it alone, Moyer Pest Control will help you enjoy your backyard again!


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Commercial Pest Control In Wilmington, DE

It could be argued that nothing will help your business's image more than putting into place a professional commercial pest control program. Especially if you own or operate a restaurant or a food service establishment, proper pest management is vitally important. If you are a business owner looking for a trusted and established pest professional to work alongside you, look no further than Moyer Pest!

Our commercial pest control is designed not only to handle any current pest problems but also to eliminate all potential future pest intruders. For top-of-the-line service and care for your small or large business, call Moyer and discover the benefits that a pest-free business brings.


Protect Your Wilmington, DE Property From Termite Damage

If your home is made even partly of wood, there is a chance it could fall victim to termite damage. However, with Moyer Pest as your chosen pest service provider, you can avoid a termite infestation and the damage that comes along with it. Here at Moyer, we fight termites with Termidor®, America’s #1 termite defense product.

Utilized along with Green Eye Alert, our services offer the best chance to deter termite activity in and around your home. Our Wilmington, DE termite control options not only combat new infestations but any existing termite problems, as well. For more information on our extensive inspections, or our termite exclusion methods, give Moyer Pest a call today! Your home will thank you.


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