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Why Termite Prevention Makes Sense

Preventing Costly Termite Damage

How much damage can a termite really do? Termite workers are between 1/4 to 1/2 inch in length. That's small. The amount of damage a tiny insect like that can do is only going to cost you a few cents, right? Why would you want to pay out dollars to prevent cents-worth of damage? Let's examine the problem.

termites eating a piece of wood inside of a home in pennsylvania

Termite Damage Adds Up Over Time

It is estimated by some experts that it would take over 3,000 years for a single termite to consume the wood in a home that is 1,000-square feet. After 3,000 years, those cents would add up to some real money – the cost of your entire home – but you would be long dead before anyone would have to worry about the financial repercussions. The problem is, your home isn't going to be consumed by one termite. A termite colony can have hundreds or even thousands of individuals. How many years would it take 3,000 termites to eat a 1,000-square foot home? How about 100,000 termites? While there is no definitive answer, you can see that those cents can add up to real dollars.

How Termite Damage Affects Your Home

When termites feed on a home, they consume the wood from the inside out; this has two extremely unfortunate consequences. First, you're not going to see it happening. Termites can quietly eat away at a home for years without being detected. Second, the damage they do to wood is only the beginning of the destruction that occurs. All of the wood of your home is connected; if you have support beams or wall studs that are weakened by termites, it can cause the whole frame of your home to warp. This can lead to bulging walls, floors that sink, doors and windows that stick, ceilings that droop, and more. When this damage becomes obvious, you're looking at thousands of dollars in repair costs.

While one termite might cost you cents, those cents can add up to big money, but your equity isn't the only thing at risk. Our homes are more than a bunch of wood, sheetrock, plaster, and concrete. Our homes are where we make memories. If termites completely total your home, you may have to look for a new one, and if termites attack your business, you may find yourself with the daunting task of trying to educate your customers on where they need to go to find you because your business has moved.

Termite damage can cost you a lot of money. That is why termite prevention makes a lot of sense. When you invest in termite protection for your property, you decide how much you're going to allow termites to cost you, and you never have to wake up and find out that termites have been destroying your property for years. That is one heartache no one should ever have to experience.

How Do I Protect My Property From Termites?

When termites come onto your property looking for a bite to eat, it is important that you know about it. At Moyer Pest Control, we can install the GreenEye Alert monitoring system to keep an eye on termite pressures on your property so they don't eat your property. GreenEye creates a ring of detection around your foundation that offers a quick and reliable visual signal when termites come to feed, and it is a signal you can check on between visits from your technician.

We also offer our Pest Termite Prevention Program, which relies on Termidor termiticide to stop termites in their tracks and destroy the nests that sent them. PTP includes routine monitoring of termites and can come with the GreenEye Alert monitoring system for added protection. Each property has its own unique characteristics. Schedule a detailed inspection from one of our certified and educated pest control technicians, and we'll take a look at what options will work to keep termites from feeding on your equity.

Termite protection makes a lot of cents, and those cents can add up to a lot of dollars. Get your termite protection plan in place today and decide how many of your hard earned dollars you're going to allow termites to cost you. Reach out to Moyer Pest Control today to schedule immediate termite control services.

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