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Why Mice Are So Destructive To Pennsylvania Homes

Problems Mice Cause In Your Home

When we think of how destructive mice can be, which for most of us is hardly ever, we usually think of the holes they chew through walls. Most of us were brought up on the imagery of cartoon mice coming and going from perfectly arched mouse holes at the base of walls; unfortunately, the holes that mice create in our homes aren’t always as noticeable as the ones in the cartoons, and creating those trademark mouse holes are actually not the most destructive thing mice do in our homes.

Let's take a closer look at this problem and see if we can get that image of smoothly arched mice holes out of our minds for a moment.

a house mouse inside of a home in pennsylvania

Structural Damage

If a mouse chews holes through your walls, your sheetrock, wallpaper, and baseboard wood, those building materials aren't the only things that can be damaged. Mice are known to chew through wires accidentally while chewing holes in our walls. If they chew through wires that have electricity going through them, it can cause a very dangerous problem for your home and all the people and belongings inside. Severed wires can lead to a house fire, and a house fire can do much more destruction in your home than an infestation of mice could do in a lifetime. In very unfortunate cases, these house fires caused by mice can also lead to the loss of human life, which is the worst possible outcome of a rodent infestation.

Another way mice can be very destructive in our Pennsylvania homes has less to do with "what" they damage and more about "how much" they damage. When an infestation takes root, you only have one or two mice to contend with, so the damages they cause will be rather minimal. But those mice won't be content to remain alone. They're going to reproduce rapidly and as they do, your going to have more and more mice taking up residence within the walls of your home. Some people underestimate just how quickly a mouse infestation can grow. To put things in perspective, a single female can have up to fourteen young in a single litter and produce five to ten litters in a year. Talk about a quickly growing problem!

As the population of mice increases in your home, you're going to have more and more damage occurring. Those mice will tear up insulation, wallpaper, cardboard packages, furniture, clothing, books, and more in order to gather materials for their nests. This could lead to stored items and valuable keepsakes being destroyed.

When mice find their way inside, they are typically content to stay right where they are. In fact, they love living with us. Sure, they’d be happier if we left altogether and were able to enjoy our plentiful food and water sources and the warmth of our homes without being disturbed, but they are still perfectly content being housemates. Despite common belief, these pests don’t usually head back outside in the spring after overwintering in our homes during the colder months. Once inside, they stay with us in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. Think about it, they have everything they could ever need: food, water, shelter, and warmth. Why would they ever want to leave? And if they are living in our homes year round, that means they can be destructive all year long. Over time, that destruction can add up!

Health Risks

We've talked about the items mice can destroy inside our homes, but there are other ways that mice can be harmful to us. When they're living inside our homes, these rodents can be destructive to our health and wellbeing.

As the number of mice in your home increases, the possibility of you becoming ill will also increase. Mice leave their feces and urine everywhere they go. This waste can contaminate your silverware drawers, dish cabinets, food shelves, food packages, and more. If they contaminate your food or cooking surfaces, you and everyone in your home could start to experience stomach illness that mimics the flu. This will result in missed school, missed work, visits to the hospital, and other health-related problems.

Having more mice in your home will lead to the presence of more nests. This isn't good. Mice leave their droppings and urine where they sleep, which makes cleaning up these nests a serious health risk. And if a nest is established in a ventilation system, particles can become airborne and spread illness throughout the home.

In addition to the health risks mentioned above, mice infestations can also lead to secondary pest problems. First of all, to get into your home, mice often chew homes in our homes’ exterior walls. This creates entry points that can be utilized by not only rats, but other home-invading pests such as spiders, cockroaches, and more! And each of these pest invaders come with their own list of health threats and diseases. Secondly, mice pick up ticks, fleas, mites, lice, and other secondary pests as they travel in and out of our homes. These secondary pests can establish themselves in your home and plague you and your pets in addition to your pre-existing rodent problem. And the more mice you have invading your home, the more of these parasites will be carried inside. Worse still, mice will make it difficult for you to eliminate parasites. For example, you could treat your entire home for fleas, wash all your pets and treat them with flea and tick control medications prescribed by your veterinarian, launder all your bedding and clothing, and have another fleas infestation appear right after you finish all that hard work because you have no way of treating the fleas that are being introduced to your home by those mice!

How To Get Rid Of Mice

Mice infestations are frustrating, to say the least. If you're seeing mice in your Pennsylvania home, it is important that you have the infestation dealt with quickly by a professional before it becomes dangerous and out of control. Mice are not good house guests. They can be very destructive to your home, your belongings, and your health. For professional mouse control services in Telford, Newtown, Lumberton, Wilmington, and the surrounding areas, look into Complete Home Guard from Moyer Pest Control. There is no better way to keep mice out of your Pennsylvania home. Contact Moyer to schedule immediate pest control services!

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