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Why Is It So Hard To Keep Mice Out Of My Souderton Home?

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There are many dimensions to this question. Perhaps the biggest reason why it is hard to keep mice out is that they really love being in. Are you aware that the most common home-invading mouse is called a house mouse? Believe us when we tell you that they earned that name. House mice love living in houses. If you have mice in your Souderton home, don't expect them to leave any time soon. But this isn't the only reason they're hard to get rid of. Here are a few more compelling reasons for why you're having a hard time keeping mice out.

baby mice feeding on adult female

1. Mice Are Rodents

Like all rodents, mice have incisors that never stop growing. They must continually file these teeth down by gnawing. As a mouse travels around the exterior of your home, it doesn't know that there is anything interesting inside. It will chew on the wood of your home simple because that's what a mouse does. And mice are really good at it. A mouse can chew through a 2x4.  

2. Mice Squeeze Through Tiny Holes

A mouse is a fairly small critter. The body of a mouse is only about two to four inches long. But it can make itself smaller to get through gaps—well, sort of. An adult can fit through a hole the size of a dime because it shifts its internal organs around as it squishes through. So it doesn't take much of an entry point to allow these pests into your home.

3. Mice Reproduce Quickly

One inside your home, mice can quickly grow their populations. A female mouse is able to give birth to six babies every three weeks. And her babies can start to reproduce at six weeks old. If you're lucky to catch a mouse or two in some traps, it is likely that you have more hiding in your home, and it is possible for the hidden mice to reproduce quicker than you can catch them.

4. Mice Are Suspicious

A mouse will take notice of new things added to their environment and be very suspicious of them. This can make it difficult to trap mice. This is compounded by the fact that mice can smell the chemicals from your skin if you've touched a trap with your fingers.

5. Mice Are Patient

Have you placed traps down and found them in the morning with no bait? A mouse can patiently nibble on bait and remove most of it without setting a trap off.

6. Mice Are Fast

Have you placed traps down and found that they have sprung, but there is no mouse on it? This is because mice are incredibly fast. If a mouse hits a trap at the right angle, it can escape. Once the trap is sprung, they'll easily devour the bait.

7. Mice Are Athletes

Mice can jump a foot in the air and scramble up walls. This allows them to get to entry points you would never think to protect. They can even run down the branch of a tree and gain access to vulnerable spots on your roof. It is quite impressive.

8. Mice Live On Morsels

If you've put all your stored foods in sealed containers in the hopes that you'll starve mice out of your home, don't be surprised when this fails. Mice don't eat much. They can live on scraps. And if the scraps they find in your home aren't enough, they can easily go out to eat. Food is not the only reason they live in your home.

What Works To Get Rid Of Mice

There is no better way to get mice out of your Souderton home than to contact the rodent control professionals at Moyer Pest Control. Our technicians are licensed and trained to track mice, remove mice, and monitor mouse activity. They're also trained to apply eco-friendly solutions for mice, such as sealing potential entry points. When we're done, you won't have to wonder if you still have mice inside your home. Reach out to us today and schedule a visit from one of our licensed pest control technicians. We're here to help.

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