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Why Carpenter Ants Invade Souderton Homes

Carpenter Ants In Souderton

Of all of the ants that cause problems for Souderton homeowners, carpenter ants are one of the worst. This is because they are wood-destroying pests, making them a serious threat to local homes.

Before carpenter ants come inside, they will first explore around the outside of your home. However, before exploring the exterior of your home, they have to find a reason to come into your yard in the first place. If you understand what motivates a carpenter ant, you can use natural pest control methods to prevent your Souderton home from being damaged. Here's how it works.

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Why Do Carpenter Ants Come Into Our Yards?

There are three primary factors that motivate carpenter ants. You can probably guess what they are: Food, water, and harborage. If your yard offers these, carpenter ants may decide to establish themselves in your yard. Here are a few examples of how they might do this.


There are many things carpenter ants consider to be food and, no, wood isn't one of them. They only tunnel in wood. They derive their sustenance from other things. Some carpenter ant species have a preference for protein and will feed on dead insects and other organisms. Some species have a sweet tooth and will feed on fruit, berries, and other plants in your yard. The more food you offer carpenter ants, the more trouble you're going to have.


Carpenter ants can get water from a puddle or a pond. They can also get water from water that has been captured by a broadleaf plant. But one water source to consider is rainwater collected by objects in your yard. If you have lawn clutter that captures rainwater, you can have more issues with carpenter ants because these water sources provide a drink, but also because they increase moisture and humidity, which are ideal for carpenter ant habitation.


  • An old stump or log. Sources of soft, rotting wood are ideal for harborage. If you have stumps or logs in your backyard, you're likely to catch the attention of carpenter ants.

  • A tree with heart rot. Carpenter ants will crawl up inside a tree that is a wound. If that tree is close to your home, it is a recipe for disaster.

  • A pile of firewood or a stack of lumber are inviting to carpenter ants.

  • Leaf litter in your landscaping or underneath structures will be a strong attractant.

Why Carpenter Ants Come Near Your Home

Once they're in your yard, they may begin to explore your perimeter. The same three factors will make them want to explore your perimeter more often: Food, water, and harborage. The same sources that lure them into your yard will lure them to be near your home. But there are a few unique factors to consider:

  • Carpenter ants are strongly attracted to plants that are being damaged by aphids. They feed on the honeydew produced by aphids. If you have an aphid issue, you're going to increase your chances of a carpenter ant issue.

  • Carpenter ants can be drawn to your garbage and recycling bins. If there is a strong scent, they'll take notice. Make sure you remove your trash from your property weekly, and clean your bins when they start to have an odor. If you have recycling in your garage, be sure to keep the bottles and cans as clean as possible.

  • Carpenter ants will target rotted wood on your home. If you have a gutter issue and the wood of your home has been moistened by rainwater, you could invite carpenter ants to tunnel into the wood. While they prefer rotting timbers, they're known to move onto sound timbers.

Why Carpenter Ants Come Inside

This type of ant is somewhat different from other ants that infest man-made structures in that they don't have to find any food or water inside to establish a nest. If they're finding a food source near your home, such as an abundance of honeydew, they can infest your home without ever raiding your pantry or kitchen cabinets. This is one reason why they can be destructive. What we recommend on the inside of your home to deter and repel carpenter ants is to address wood rot and deal with humidity and moisture issues in your home, such as:

  • Installing dehumidifiers in your basement or cellar

  • Installing ventilation and fans in key areas

  • Use your fan when taking a shower or bath

  • Sealing the crawlspace under your home and installing humidity and moisture control

Where Residential Pest Control Fits In

Once you've taken the above steps, or before you do, take a moment to consider the benefit of having routine inspections by a licensed pest management professional. Carpenter ants can creep into your yard and establish themselves in your home without giving you any indication that your property is in danger. When you invest in a residential pest management program from Moyer Pest Control, you get routine visits from a technician who knows what signs to look for, and what conditions are conducive to carpenter ant activity. Reach out to us and schedule service for your Souderton property. Carpenter ants are only of many pests that can damage your Souderton home and your belongings. Every home should be protected. Get your protection in place today!

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