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What To Do About German Cockroaches In Your Souderton Home

Have you seen tiny, tan-colored roaches in your home? We hope not. Seeing these cockroaches in your Souderton home is an indication of a severe infestation because German cockroaches don't prefer to be seen. This is a good reason to act quickly and decisively to rid your home of those roaches. Here are a few more reasons you should act quickly.

German Cockroaches Are The Worst

This is the most common home-invading cockroach species in the world. They have adapted so well to living with humans, there are no known populations of wild German cockroaches anywhere. You'll have a hard time convincing these insects that your home isn't a wonderful place to live.

German Cockroaches Spread Disease

These are exceedingly dirty insects. They climb around in dumpsters and trash cans. They climb around in sewers. They eat feces, compost, and rotting organic sludge in drains. It should not come as a surprise that they're a known vector for more than 33 bacterial diseases, 7 human pathogens, and 6 parasitic worms.

german cockroach in kitchen sink

German Cockroaches Are Linked To Allergies

It has long been known that cockroaches can cause rashes to develop when they crawl across skin. In recent years, data is revealing that they can also create problems for people who suffer from asthma. Homes in urban areas that have a cockroach infestation have an increase in hospital visitations for asthma-related symptoms.

German Cockroaches Can Bite

While they aren't predisposed to bite, they can accidentally bite when they attempt to eat dead skin from eyelids, eyebrows, and around the mouths of sleeping people. These bites usually become swollen due to contact with harmful organisms on the cockroaches.

Bottom Line

The appearance of German cockroaches is a warning sign that you have many (possibly thousands) of these insects infesting your property. This can present a significant health threat to everyone in your home. Our first suggestion is that you do something. Don't let German cockroaches live with you.

What To Do About German Cockroaches

Once you've decided that you should take action, it is important to take the right action. DIY cockroach control isn't likely to be successful at exterminating German cockroaches. Cockroaches are resilient insects that can develop immunity to dangerous chemicals and survive most conventional treatments. German cockroaches are particularly troublesome because they're small. A German cockroach nymph is small enough to fit through the tiny holes of an electrical outlet. This allows them to move about freely inside your home and avoid all your attempts to exterminate them. It is best to have a licensed pest management professional deal with this pest problem.

A pest control professional can:

  • Select appropriate treatment methods that have been field-tested.

  • Select appropriate EPA-approved products, some of which are 100 percent environmentally friendly.

  • Administer all treatments according to strict government safety regulations to ensure the protection of everyone living in your home, including pets.

  • Monitor for cockroach activity to ensure success.

  • Perform a professional inspection to look for signs of cockroach activity after all treatments have concluded.

Is There Anything You Can Do About German Cockroaches?

Yes. There are many ways you can protect yourself from cockroach-related diseases and resist the population growth of these roaches inside your home.

  • Store your pantry foods in sealed glass or plastic containers. Roaches can chew through paper and cardboard.

  • Keep your kitchen trash receptacle clean to prevent roaches from picking up harmful bacteria.

  • Keep your kitchen surfaces and floors clean to reduce food sources for roaches.

  • Put dirty dishes in soapy water until you have time to clean them.

  • Put pet food down only during mealtimes.

  • Address leaky faucets and other plumbing issues. Roaches need water more than they need food.

  • Vacuum your floor regularly and keep your couch free of food debris.

  • Consider only eating in your dining room or kitchen.

Do You Live In Souderton?

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