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What Every West Chester Property Owner Needs To Know To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants

There are many ant pests in West Chester, but none are quite like carpenter ants. If you just purchased a home or you've been in your home for a while, it is important that you understand the nature of this pest threat. Here are a few insights every West Chester property owner can benefit from.

Spotting Carpenter Ants

There are many ways you might see carpenter ants. You may notice black ants crawling around a gap in the concrete near your garage door. You may see lots of black ants in your grass near your landscaping. You may see them on a tree that has some heart rot. You may find them appearing here and there on your back deck. No matter where you see them, they can be somewhat of a mystery.

  • Carpenter ant workers are polymorphic. They can be as small as many other black ants, or large enough for you to have no doubt that you're looking at a carpenter ant. This might throw you off in identifying them.

  • Carpenter ants can create nests in the ground. If you're aware that carpenter ants tunnel inside wood and make their nests in wood, you may shrug these ants off.

  • Carpenter ants can appear in the daytime. If you go looking for information on carpenter ants, you might learn that they're nocturnal. While this is certainly true, it does not mean they won't sometimes appear in the middle of the day. Carpenter ants aren't sensitive to light, like many other nocturnal insects.

  • Carpenter ants are small. Even though these ants can be larger than any other ant that will become a West Chester pest problem, they're still pretty small. That means you'll have a hard time looking for physical characteristics that will differentiate these ants from other ant species, such as the fact that a carpenter ant has one node between the thorax and abdomen.

carpenter ant on a stone

Knowing Conducive Conditions

There are conditions that can attract carpenter ants to your yard and near to your home. It is important that you understand these attractants, especially when purchasing a home. The last thing you want to do is inherit carpenter ant damage. Do an inspection around your home and consider these conditions:

  • Piles of leaves are a harborage for these ants. They will establish themselves in the ground underneath organic matter. It provides shade, moisture, and a hunting ground for food.

  • Landscaping that is being damaged by aphids will provide a food source. If you're having trouble with insect pests in your landscaping, this can lead to trouble with carpenter ants. Aphids are a good example. When aphids feed on your plants, they excrete honeydew. This is a sweet liquid that is highly sought after by carpenter ants.

  • A damp perimeter is a carpenter ant's playground. If you have a clogged or damaged gutter system, you're going to have a perimeter that is oversaturated. This can cause the wood of your home to rot, and it will attract moisture pests. Rotting wood provides a potential harborage for carpenter ants, and moisture pests can be food for carpenter ants.

Recognizing Interior Damage

When carpenter ants get into your home, you may not know it. You can have thousands of them and not know it. Carpenter ants can use your home as a nesting site and find food outside of your home. This allows them to do damage to your home without you realizing it. If you find lots of black ants invading your pantry or kitchen, you may want to thank them. Those ants are alerting you to a serious structural threat.

Over time, carpenter ant damage can cause hardwood floors to creak, squeak, bulge, or sink down. They can cause doors and windows to stick or open and close freely. The damage accumulates over many years, and this can happen with more than one infestation. If you treat carpenter ants with over-the-counter baits and have some success, these ants can continue to damage your home without you knowing it.

Whether you're buying a home in West Chester or you already have a home here, contact Moyer Pest Control for guidance when it comes to detecting carpenter ants and managing the threat they can present to your equity. When you partner with us for carpenter ant control in West Chester, we can help you avoid a bad investment or help you protect your current investment.

To learn more about our West Chester pest control services or to get started with a treatment plan for your property, reach out to us today for assistance!

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