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What Are These Weird Looking Bugs Around My Souderton Home?

What Earwigs Look Like

Are you seeing brown insects around your home? Do those insects have big pincers on the ends of their abdomens? Those insects are called earwigs. And though they look like something out of your nightmares, they're mostly harmless.

They're not prone to pinch humans with those pincers and, when they do, it doesn't usually hurt. Earwigs are also not known to bite people. They're just gross. But there are a few things you should know about them.

earwig in pa crawling on a plant

What Earwigs Do In Your Yard

We're often asked, "Are earwigs harmful or beneficial?" And we are happy to say that these are beneficial insects. As pest professionals, we don't see every insect as being bad. Some insects help with bioremediation. That is to say, they assist us with our pest control and do it in a way that doesn't require the use of pesticides. Earwigs are one of these insects.
It is actually good to have earwigs in your landscaping or garden. They eat aphids and other plant-damaging insects. If you can tolerate having earwigs around, you can just let them go about their duties and pay them no mind. The only problem is when they accidentally get inside. They make terrible house guests, due to their grossness. Or should that be grossocity? Well, you know what we mean.

Why Earwigs Come Into Your Home

Earwigs go where the moisture is. If there are conditions near your home that promote dampness, you'll lure earwigs in close. The more earwigs you have near your foundation walls, the more chance they'll get in.
When dampness turns to oversaturation, earwigs may be driven up out of the soil to avoid drowning. If they find a dry place to be, such as your basement, they may take advantage of it. They can also come in during times of drought if they sense moisture and cooler conditions inside.
Earwigs are attracted to organic materials such as firewood, leaf litter, and brush piles. Keep these away from your foundation walls to reduce earwig activity that can lead to unwanted entry.
Shaded locations near your home, such as under a deck, porch, or stairwell can give earwigs a place to hang out. If you store cardboard, wood pieces or some other organic material in these places, you can increase earwig populations.
Last, but not least, the more plants you have near your home, the more likely you are to have earwigs near your home. We don't imagine you want to get rid of your plants, so that isn't really a solution. But, you can reduce pest activity in your landscaping without getting rid of your plants. A residential pest control plan can take care of earwigs and a wide range of other pests that hang out in your plants.

How Earwigs Get In 

There are many ways earwigs can get in. They may exploit gaps around pipes, squeeze in under a damaged door sweep or a gap in weatherstripping, or crawl through a damaged window frame seal like other pests will, but their love for organic material and moisture make them prone to taking advantage of entry points in rotting wood. This should be of particular interest to you. Seeing earwigs inside your Souderton home could be a warning sign that you have wood rot caused by water damage. If so, you might want to thank those earwigs for providing yet another benefit.

How To Get Earwigs Out

If you have earwigs in your Souderton home or you'd like to never have earwigs in your home, Moyer can help! Our team uses systematic pest control methods that work to identify pest pressures and to manage pests both inside and outside. Once treatments have rendered your home earwig-free, you can keep it that way by investing in year-round pest control service. All of our home pest control plans include protection for earwigs, even our Exterior Home Guard entrance-level program. With Exterior Home Guard, you'll get 4 services per year and 100% protection all year long. If targeted pests appear between visits, we come back at no charge to you. That is our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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