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What Are These Tiny Red Bugs All OVer My New Castle Home?

The Answer Is Usually Clover Mites

We get this question a lot; usually, the answer is, "Those are clover mites." While there are other tiny red bugs you may find crawling around on your New Castle home, clover mites are bugs that will have you using words like "all over" my house. These little arachnids don't hang out by themselves. They're usually found in groups of hundreds and even thousands! While a single mite is only about 1mm in length, it is hard to miss when it is hanging out with a thousand close friends.

Fortunately, clover mites aren't a threat to your well-being. They don't bite or sting the way chiggers do; these are tiny red bugs that are often mistaken for clover mites. They also don't have venom like spiders, which are a closer relative of clover mites. They're mostly just a nuisance. What do we mean by "mostly" just a nuisance? Here are a few things you should know:

a clover mite crawling on a surface outside of a home in new castle delaware

Clover Mites Don't Bite

When clover mites invade a home, we tell people that they have nothing to worry about. Clover mites don't bite people. They eat plants and fungus. But we sometimes have people telling us that they've been bitten by these little red bugs. This is because some people are allergic to clover mites. If clover mites crawl on the skin of someone who has an allergy, a bumpy rash can develop. The bumps aren't bites, but they itch like bites.

How Clover Mites Damage Personal Property

One of the biggest complaints we hear about clover mites is that they leave stains on furniture, carpets, wallpaper, clothing, and curtains. These stains are particularly noticeable on items of light coloration. Why do clover mites stain these items? They don't do it on purpose. Items get stained when clover mites are accidentally crushed. If you're curious, those red stains aren't blood. They are caused by the pigment from the bug's body. Since clover mites can cause stains when crushed, it is best to use a vacuum to suck them up, rather than squishing them.

Clover Mite Infestations = More Pests

Clover mites may be an important warning sign of a serious threat to your home. Really? Yes! Clover mites are attracted to moisture and conditions that promote moisture. When they come near a home, it is usually because the foundation perimeter is damp. When they get into a home, it is usually by way of holes created by wood-eating or wood-damaging pests that are attacking wood that has been damaged by water. If your home is being damaged by water, you should definitely have the problem fixed. Over time, fungus like white rot and brown rot can reduce the wood of a home to a mealy powder or strings of tough brown material that looks like mulch. But long before this happens, structural timbers are likely to give way and cause floors to sink and walls to bulge.

How Do I Prevent Clover Mites In New Castle?

If you don't have clover mites in your home yet, there are some things you can do to resist them.

  • Trim vegetation and remove unnecessary plants from your landscaping. Clover mites are attracted to a home that has lots of vegetation.

  • Consider creating a band around your home that is 18 to 24 inches wide. This dry area can be enough to deter clover mites from getting too close and climbing up your foundation walls.

  • While it is extremely difficult to seal clover mites out of your home, you can deter them by removing easy entry points such as gaps around window and door frames, space around pipes and wire conduit, cracks in your foundation walls and holes created by wood-damaging pests.

  • If you have a basement or cellar that is high in humidity, consider installing dehumidifiers and fans to dry the air.

How Do I Get Rid Of Clover Mites?

If you have pest problems in West Chester, Moyer Pest Control is here to help! We offer year-round pest control plans in New Castle that will keep home-invading pests out all year long. If you are seeing clover mites and need assistance in getting rid of them (or if you are not sure what you are seeing and need help with identification) give us a call today. In business for over 140 years, we are confident we can help you!

If you need assistance with your efforts to keep clover mites out of your New Castle home, remember that the licensed and highly-trained pest professionals here at Moyer Pest Control are standing by to help. Contact us today to schedule residential pest control services for your New Castle home!

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