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West Point, PA Pest Control Services

Pest Control For West Point, PA

Protect your West Point home or business with the help of the Pennsylvania pest control professionals at Moyer Pest Control. We are the area’s pest control experts and offer customizable residential and commercial pest control services.

We are so confident in our treatments that we offer a 100% guarantee: if pests return between scheduled visit—so do we, at no additional charge. To learn more about our quality pest control services, reach out today and speak with one of Moyer Pest Control’s knowledgeable pest control technicians.


Residential Pest Control In West Point, PA

The best way to stop bugs from bugging you and your family is to put into place a residential pest control program. Professional pest control allows for regular treatments to be performed that will eliminate current invaders and prevent future ones. These services provide you with a pest-free home throughout the entire year!

To protect West Point homes from pests, Moyer Pest Control offers three different home pest control programs to choose from. A quick overview of our home pest control options is listed below.

  • Exterior Home Guard - Includes four service visits every other month in season.

  • Complete Home Guard - Includes four quarterly services per year—three exterior, and one interior.

  • Platinum Home Guard (Our Best Value) - Includes six scheduled service calls, one every other month, and provides control for termites, mosquitoes, and stink bugs.

For more information about any of our cost-effective pest control programs for West Point, PA homes, call Moyer Pest Control today! Our professionals will be happy to help you choose a plan that meets your unique pest control needs.

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Are Stink Bugs In West Point, PA Dangerous?

There is no polite way to put it, stink bugs stink, but the good news is these pests aren’t dangerous. While stink bugs are a true nuisance pest, they won't cause any real harm, however, they certainly aren't welcome to overwinter inside of our homes. During most of the year, stink bugs live outside, but in the late fall, they begin seeking shelter indoors. If you do not take proactive steps, your West Point house could become their winter oasis.

To keep stink bugs out of homes, Moyer Pest Control offers our effective stink bug solution. We attain long-term results by focusing on the exterior of your house and utilizing micro-encapsulated materials. After contacting us, our professionals perform two treatments between late August through October.

Our treatments will significantly reduce the number of stink bugs that find their way into your West Point home. To learn more about our stink bug control services, reach out to Moyer Pest Control today.


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Commercial Pest Control In West Point, PA

When it comes to pests living inside of a commercial facility, there is zero wiggle room. To maintain a successful business, you must maintain a zero-tolerance policy against pests. Moyer Pest Control understands this and will provide the expert pest control necessary to keep them out of your West Point business—and away from your inventory, equipment, customers, and employees.

Moyer Pest Control tailors our commercial pest control programs to meet businesses' and industries' unique needs. Through Integrated Pest Management, we offer a long-term solution in a manner that is effective and safe for the environment and people. We maintain pest-free facilities by quickly eliminating current pest problems, applying appropriate chemicals in the right amounts, and implementing prevention measures.

To become partners in protecting your Pennsylvania business from pests, call Moyer Pest Control today.


Protect Your West Point, PA Property From Termites

Termites are active throughout most of the year, which means there is no better way to protect your home than by implementing a year-round termite control service. Moyer Pest Control can provide the services needed to get rid of existing termite problems and guard your home against future infestations.

At Moyer Pest Control, we believe that the best action to take against termites is preventative action. We offer three different programs to stop termites from invading and causing extensive and costly damage inside your home.

  • Pest Termite Renewal Program – We install Green Eyes Monitoring stations to establish a ring of detection around your home.

  • Pest Termite Preventative Program - This program utilizes Termidor® termiticide to eliminate termites and provide a barrier of protection around your home.

  • Complete Home Guard Plus - Termite treatment is performed as part of a year-round home pest control program.

To begin protecting your West Point home and bank account from highly destructive termites, reach out and partner with Moyer Pest Control today.


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