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Pest Control For Warminster, PA

Warminster, PA offers its residents a great mix of residential neighborhoods and bustling commercial districts. This Bucks County Township is an area leader in environmental, technological and economic practices. The pest control professionals at Moyer Pest Control are also leaders, leaders in the pest control industry.

We are proud to say that we have been helping PA residents since 1869 protect their commercial and residential properties from common Pennsylvania pests like termites, bed bugs, ants, spiders, roaches, and mosquitoes. Find out why people in Warminster choose Moyer Pest Control for all of their residential and commercial pest control needs.


Residential Pest Control In Warminster, PA

At Moyer Pest Control we offer three different home pest control programs that can all be customized to suit your home's specific needs. Our Exterior Home Guard program includes 4 services every other month in season, our Complete Home Guard program includes 4 quarterly services per year; 3 exterior and 1 interior, and our most comprehensive service - our Platinum Home Guard program includes service visits every other month with season-specific targeted treatment.

The Platinum program also provides protection for your Warminster home against termites, ticks, and mosquitoes. All of our residential pest control programs are performed by one of our friendly, trained, and experienced technicians and comes with the guarantee that if covered pests come back between visits, we will return to treat them at no additional charge! Contact us today to get started protecting your Warminster home from the damages and stress that pests can cause.

a pest expert inspecting a mattress for bed bugs in a home in warminster pennsylvania

Signs Bed Bugs Leave Behind In Warminster, PA

To quickly eliminate bed bugs from your Warminster property it is important to understand what the signs of their presence are. By knowing the signs that bed bugs leave behind, you can receive the professional help you need to eliminate these pests before they have the chance to breed and expand their population in your Warminster home or business.

It is very important that you are able to recognize bed bugs when you see them. A lot of people say that they look like an apple seed with legs; they have an oval flat body, are reddish-brown in color, grow to about 1/4 of an inch in length and have 6 legs. Adult bed bugs can often be found crawling in the seams and crevices of mattresses and box springs. Other signs that these blood-feeding pests have found their way into your property include:

  • Waking to find small red welts that are located in a linear pattern on you or family members; although this isn’t a given because some people have no reaction to bed bug bites

  • Finding rust, red, or black colored flecks or dots of blood or excrement on bedding, mattresses or box springs

  • Finding dead bed bugs or piles of shed skins in the seams of the mattresses or box springs

  • In the case of a large or established infestation, there may be a sickly sweet odor in the air

If bed bugs find their way into your home or business, trust the experts at Moyer Pest Control to quickly and completely eliminate the infestation. The professionals at Moyer have the ability to provide modern and effective bed bug control services that will eliminate every egg, nymph, and adult that are hiding in the mattress, box springs, and other cracks and crevices of your property.

Contact us today to schedule a K-9 bed bug inspection for your home or business!


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Commercial Pest Control In Warminster, PA

Trustworthy, effective, and cost-friendly commercial pest control services are what you need to gain the competitive edge in your industry. Putting into place a professional commercial pest control program for your business will help protect the health of your customers and employees, protect your facility from damage, prevent your valued customers from being scared away, and to protect your business’s hard-earned reputation.

We have experience providing commercial pest control services in many industries including restaurants, hotels and motels, retail spaces, healthcare facilities, food processing facilities, and the pharmaceutical industry. To protect your business from pests we rely on Integrated Pest Management to eliminate and control pests in your facility in the most environmentally sound way possible. Our services include:

  • The complete elimination of current pest issues

  • The application of pest control products in and around your facility on an as-needed basis only

  • The implementation of prevention measures to prevent future problems with pests in your facility


Avoid Mosquito-Borne Illness In Warminster, PA

When it comes to mosquitoes, controlling their numbers is important not only to protect yourself, your family and your pets from being covered in red, itchy welts all summer; but also because they can spread some pretty serious diseases that can affect the health of both people and animals. In fact, it is because they feed on the blood of so many different hosts that allows them to come into contact with and spread such a wide variety of diseases; diseases including the West Nile virus and encephalitis.

To stop your property from being overrun by these annoying and dangerous pests the Warminster, PA mosquito control experts at Moyer Pest Control have created a very effective treatment to greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes found living and breeding on your property. Our mosquito management plan provides our customers with 6 monthly outdoor treatments during mosquito season (May-October).

At each treatment visit, one of our highly trained technicians will walk your property to treat foliage, areas of vegetation and any other areas that mosquitoes often rest in; dramatically reducing mosquito numbers on your Warminster property! Give us a call today to learn more about our mosquito management program!


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