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Pest Control For Upper Gwynedd, PA

Settled by Welsh Quakers as early as 1698, the township of Upper Gwynedd, PA is one of the most peaceful areas in the surrounding Montgomery County.

Deep roots within the agricultural industry mean that rolling fields, welcoming meadows, and many of the historical sites in the township are kept alive through the careful attention of dedicated home and business owners. Distinctive seasons sustain a wide variety of native plants and animals and show off some of the most beautiful portions of the North Penn Valley. By all accounts, Upper Gwynedd, PA more than lives up to its namesake of "fair land."

Yet, this "fair land" is also populated by residents far less pleasant than what most Upper Gwynedd, PA residents come to expect. In fact, there is a wide assortment of bugs, wildlife, and vermin that infest properties constantly. Thankfully, the hardworking experts at Moyer Pest Control are prepared to assist residents with all their pest abatement, trapping, and extermination needs. Give us a call today to discover the tailor-made pest program that is right for your property, or chat with us on the web now. We dedicate ourselves to keeping Upper Gwynedd, PA protected from pest threats all year, every year.


Commercial Pest Control In Upper Gwynedd, PA

At Moyer, we design our commercial pest services to be flexible and comprehensive in order to service a wide range of industries, including: 

  • Restaurants and food services

  • Healthcare facilities 

  • Retail stores

Using a unique Integrated Pest Management program, Moyer Pest Control can quickly get a handle on the pest problems you face to ensure a brighter, pest-free future. Call us today to and see what the Moyer difference can provide you, your company, and all your loyal customers.

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Home Pest Control In Upper Gwynedd, PA

Keeping your home safe from pests of all kinds is simple, fast, and affordable with Moyer Pest Control's three-tiered pest protection programs.

  • Our Exterior Home Guard Plan is a one-of-a-kind plan of action, including exterior treatments of your home. We provide indoor protections upon request.

  • For the most amount of protection with the highest amount of value, Moyer's Platinum Home Guard Plan is the best answer for all common Upper Gwynedd pests including termites, stink bugs, and mosquitoes.

  • To fit the needs of every customer, our Complete Home Guard Plan works tirelessly with a custom-built treatment utilizing powerful IPM solutions.

Need help to decide on the best plan for you? Fill out the contact form below for more information to get started with Upper Gwynedd, PA pest control.


Guide To Minimizing Mosquitoes In Upper Gwynedd, PA

Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance in the yard. In fact, these bugs can be the cause of many detrimental health concerns that plague thousands of Pennsylvanian families every year. Mosquitoes breed by laying their eggs in standing pools of water, quickly growing to hunt for warm-blooded mammals nearby. In order to reproduce, female mosquitoes must feast on a blood meal. Male mosquitoes do not bite people and instead rely on pollen or nectar to survive.
Although mosquitoes in Upper Gwynedd appear to be an ever-present pest, decreasing your risk for bites and contamination is easy with these three steps:

  • Wear long-sleeved clothing at all times while out in mosquito-infested areas.

  • Remove all standing water sources that you can't treat with a specialty larvicide.

  • Have your lawn treated with a suppressant from Moyer Pest Control.

To quickly enroll your home or business under Moyer Pest Control's seasonal mosquito abatement plan, call us today!


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Are Stink Bugs In Upper Gwynedd, PA Dangerous?

Stink bugs are insects found in Upper Gwynedd, PA all year round, although certain seasons may make them more prevalent within the home. Thankfully, these shield-shaped bugs do not cause any health or safety issues for humans or pets. When ingested by pets, they may cause slight discomfort, but there are no diseases, parasites, or poisons associated with them.

The fact that they don't carry diseases does not mean that stink bugs are a welcome guest in the house, however. Their tendency to eject a stinking fluid when stressed, their loud buzzing around light fixtures, as well as their speedy reproduction systems make them a distasteful sight in any household. Even if stink bugs do not pose any danger to your health or wellness, they may prove to be quite a nuisance.

In order to combat stink bugs, home and business owners are encouraged to follow the following exclusionary methods:

  • Seal up any spaces around doors or windows where stink bugs may make their way inside. 

  • Be cautious when leaving doors, garages, or windows open, especially without the proper screening in place. 

  • Install weatherproofing around the home for maximal stink bug protection.

If you need help removing stink bugs from your property, reach out to the pest experts at Moyer Pest Control for stink bug control now.


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