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Located in the northwestern corner of Berks County is the quaint, family-friendly burrow of Topton. Our neighborhoods are close-knit and provide our residents with a sense of community and belonging. Located just 60 miles from Philadelphia, Topton provides the perfect respite from the hustle and bustle of the city while providing close access to its amenities. Unfortunately, wherever there are people, pests like insects and rodents have learned to benefit from our amenities. Our residential and commercial properties in Topton provide these critters with almost unlimited access to food, water, and shelter. 

To guard your Topton property and family against these pests, turn to the local experts at Moyer Pest Control. Since 1869 we have been committed to keeping people and properties safe from our area’s most persistent pests. From general residential and commercial pest control services to services targeted against specific pests, we will work with you to rid your property of unwanted pests. For a detailed quote or to learn more about the services we offer, reach out to us today!


Home Pest Control Solutions In Topton, PA

Pests don’t belong in your Topton home; there is never a reason they should be allowed to live behind your walls, above its ceilings, or within its kitchen cabinets. Pests like insects and rodents regularly find their way into our homes while looking for food or shelter or after hitchhiking their way inside something like a box or on a piece of furniture. The best way to get pests out and keep them out no matter how they get inside is by implementing regular pest control services. 

At Moyer Pest Control, we offer dependable pest control services that provide superior protection against unwanted pests. Not only are pests quite annoying to deal with, but their presence is often dangerous to your family and destructive to your property. To combat pests, we offer a selection of home pest control programs that we tailor to your Topton home’s specific needs. To learn more about ridding your house of its current pest problems or implementing a proactive pest protection plan, call us today and speak with one of our friendly and helpful experts.

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Commercial Pest Control Solutions In Topton, PA

Whether you are in property management, health care services, the restaurant industry, the food processing industry, or another type of commercial industry, we can help you protect your property and your reputation from unwanted pests. Pests create a long list of problems inside commercial facilities, including introducing health risks to employees and customers, causing damage to inventory, and failed health inspections. 

We want to help you guard your business against unwanted pests. By working together, we can eliminate any current pest problems you are experiencing and offer a barrier of protection against future pest problems. We tailor our programs to meet the specific needs of your property and its industry standards and ensure that your expectations are not only met but exceeded! Don’t wait another day to start protecting your Topton commercial property against pests; reach out to Moyer Pest Control today!


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What Everyone In Topton Needs To Know About Subterranean Termites

The biggest thing everyone needs to know about subterranean termites in Topton is that any of our properties could become victims to these wood-eating pests. Termites feed on cellulose, the substance that makes up wood and other organic materials. They have high moisture needs and prefer wood that is decaying or has moisture damage. Things in our yards like tree stumps, fallen trees, and woodpiles first attract them to our yards, and then as they move through the soil, they often find their way into our homes through cracks in the foundation or any wood on your home that makes direct contact with the ground.

The reason termites can be so destructive in our homes is that their presence often goes unnoticed. They move into our homes without notice and feed on structural wood located under floors or behind walls. It can take months or years to realize you have an issue with them, allowing them plenty of time to cause costly damage. Protect your home from these destructive pests with help from Moyer Pest Control and our ongoing termite control services. Reach out today to see how we can work together to ensure your Topton house never becomes home to termites.


Preventing Yellow Jackets In Topton Homes 

Yellow jackets are members of the wasp family and frequently invade our Topton yards. Sometimes our yards provide them with a nesting spot, or they may be nesting on a neighboring property but can’t resist the food and water our yards offer them. Yellow jackets are a predatory species that feed on other insects and many of the same foods we eat, which is a big reason why they are so problematic around trash receptacles, outdoor eating areas, and outdoor events. 

Having yellow jackets in our yards is dangerous; their stingers deliver painful venom-filled stings that, in some, trigger severe allergic reactions. They are quick to defend themselves, and having them in our yards often creates an unsafe environment. Take back your yard from dangerous yellow jackets by partnering with Moyer Pest Control and implementing the following prevention tips.

  • Always keep lids on outdoor trash cans.

  • After eating outside, immediately bring leftover food and drinks indoors.

  • Remove areas of standing water from your property that provide a water source and attract the insect's yellow jackets like to feed on.

  • Repair torn screens and place weatherstripping around windows and doors to help keep yellow jackets from moving into your home. 

The safest way to eliminate yellow jackets from your property is with our professional help. To discover more about removing yellow jackets and their nests from your property, call us today!


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