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Top Termite Prevention Tips

Damages Caused By Termites In Pennsylvania

Here in the Keystone State, the most common species of termites is the subterranean termite. These wood-destroying creatures live underground in colonies that can contain as many as 2 million members. That is why termites cost U.S. home and business owners around 5 billion dollars annually!

a colony of termites inside a piece of decaying wood in pennsylvania

Damages Caused By Termites In Pennsylvania

When termites first invade, the destruction they cause will be minimal and hidden from view. They can eat away at a home or business for many years without giving the slightest indication that they are there. But, if there are renovations being done, and termites have been hard at work, the damage will be clearly seen. Termite damage looks like long grooves stacked on top of each other, and the wood will have a tattered look. Some have described termite damage as looking like stacked cardboard, only the channels of open space are much longer.

If left unchecked, termites can cause extensive damage, which will eventually cause wallpaper to peel, ceilings and floors to sag, and walls to warp. Termite damage can also cause a structure to shift in such a way where doors and windows no longer work properly, either getting stuck or being very difficult to open and shut.

Outside of your home, if you have areas of shade and continued moisture, especially if there are leaves, sticks, stacked wood, or other wood material near or against your home, sometimes you will see external damage. This damage will look as if your structure was attacked by numerous knives. The wood will appear brittle and channeled. This kind of damage is most likely to be seen where the wood of your structure touches the soil.

Prevention Tips

Since termites are attracted to water damaged wood, keeping things as dry as possible will be helpful for preventing termite damage. Use the following tips to reduce moisture levels in your home: 

  • If rain gutters are clogged or broken, water will run down the sides of your home, creating water damaged areas that will be attractive to termites. Make sure your gutters are all in good working order and unobstructed.

  • If you have improper seals around windows, this may allow water into your wall voids, which can allow rot to occur. Make sure all of your windows have good seals around them and are not leaking. Not only will this help keep termites at bay, it will help with your heating/cooling bills as well.

  • Make sure your weather stripping is doing its job as well. While termites don't need an entry point to get into your home, swarmer termites will exploit these as they search for a location to establish a nest.

  • If you have leaks in any areas of your roofing, this will also allow rot and encourage termites. Make sure all roofs are sealed tightly.

  • Be sure to repair any leaky spigots. This will discourage termites, and also save you money on your water bill.

  • Make sure there are no places around the perimeter of your home where there is water collecting.

  • Do not allow wood of any kind to come into contact with your foundation or walls. If you have stacked firewood, keep it as far from your home as possible and up off the ground. The same goes for construction materials or other wooden items.

  • If you have mulch up against your home, consider replacing it with something dry such as crushed rock, or keep the mulch a couple of feet away from your foundation and wall. 

While these tips can help you make your home less attractive to termites, it is important that every home has ongoing protection from wood-destroying pests, like subterranean termites. You never know when these silent, sneaky pests may invade. 

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