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Top Earwig Prevention Tips 

Damage Earwigs Can Cause

Though these creatures do not bite, they can pinch. However, the pinch from an earwig is minor and not of medical importance. Earwigs do not have venom, the way some spiders do, and they do not spread harmful bacteria the way cockroaches, rodents, and other household pests do.

Earwigs can damage tender shoots, causing holes, in plants, and this can cause issues for gardeners, and they can invade homes. They do this by squeezing in through gaps and cracks in foundations and walls.

an earwig crawling on the ground outside of a home in pennsylvania

Why Earwigs Enter Homes

There are several conditions that will attract earwigs to your property. These are moisture-loving pests that will hide underneath things that have held moisture. Areas such as a pile of damp leaves, a wet woodpile, and moist mulch are perfect havens for earwigs. And, if you have wet conditions around your home, and earwigs come in close, they may then find ways to enter your home. If the weather is too dry, too wet, or too cold, they will try to find shelter from the elements and may find entry points.

 Preventing Earwigs From Invading

If you would rather not have earwigs invading your home this season, there are a number of preventative measures you can implement in order to keep them out.

  • Keep your yard clean. Rake up any leaf piles and dispose of them at the dump. Remove any areas of weeds, and trim back overgrown bushes that keep the soil underneath moist, especially if they are up against your foundation or walls. Items that collect moisture underneath should either be removed or lifted up off the ground. These might include construction materials, woodpiles, and other lawn clutter.

  • Keep the area directly around your foundation and outer walls as dry as possible. In addition to trimming vegetation away from your home, make sure that there is nothing that holds moisture up against your home. If you have mulch, either make sure it is 2 feet away from your home, or consider replacing it with a dry material such as crushed rock.

  • Remove any rotting wood from your property.

  • Understand that light near your foundation can lure earwigs in. If you have flowerbed lighting, you might consider keeping it off.

  • Seal up any entry points on the outside of your home. Carefully examine your foundation and walls for any gaps, cracks, or holes, and seal them up using a caulking gun or liquid cement. Be careful to check around basement windows and areas where items enter the home, such as wires and pipes.

  • Consider partnering with a pest control company to ensure year-round pest protection.

Year-Round Pest Prevention From Moyer Pest Control 

With Moyer's Exterior Home Guard pest control plan, your home will be protected against earwigs, plus a host of other pests including ants, centipedes, spiders, wasps, and ground beetles. This service includes:

  • 4 service visits per year.

  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Cost-effective treatment.

  • No charge for extra visits if covered pests return between visits.

  • No need to be home for visits, as the work is done on the exterior.

  • Free treatment of covered pests that are seen inside your home.

If you have questions or would like to schedule immediate pest control services, call Moyer Pest Control today.

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