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Tips to Keep Stink Bugs Away from West Chester Homes

Prevent Stink Bugs From Invading Your Home

Are you seeing brown, shield-shaped bugs on your screens, window and door frames, and exterior walls? Worse, are you seeing them in your home? Do they perch on your dining room lamp, crawl on your television or computer screen, and hang out in your curtains throughout the fall and early winter months? If so, we know what factors invite stink bugs to your home, and have some suggestions for you that could help keep them out.

a stink bug crawling on a leaf outside of a home in west chester pennsylvania


Brown marmorated stink bugs can come onto your property for no reason other than to warm themselves on the sunny side of your home as temperatures drop. But a yard that has fruit trees or berry bushes or an abundance of plant life could attract these pests. Stink bugs can feed on ornamental plants, weeds, and some grasses. Reducing plants can have an impact on these insects. But the better option is to have routine pest control treatments for your exterior. This can work to eliminate stink bugs that come to invade your home.

Entry Points

You would be amazed at all of the many ways stink bugs can get into your home. Here are some of the most common entry points. By addressing these, you can work to keep these insects out.

  • Holes created by rodents, carpenter ants, and other wood-damaging pests can give entry for stink bugs. Do a detailed inspection of your home before the fall invasion of stink bugs begins. Use a caulking gun to fill in holes until you have the time and resources to properly address them.

  • Damaged window and door screens can provide entry for stink bugs. What often happens is these bugs get in between the screen and the closed door or window. When the door or window is opened, the stink bug is able to gain access to the interior.

  • Sliding glass doors are notorious for giving stink bugs entry. If you like to keep your glass door open and your screen door closed to allow the fall air into your home, be aware that gaps in the structure around your screen door can allow stink bugs into the in-between space, where it is easy for them to gain entry when you open your glass door. So even if your screen is in good working condition, you could still be at risk of having stink bugs get in.

  • Gaps around pipes and wire conduit can be easy access points for stink bugs and many other pests. Make sure all gaps are sealed.

  • Gaps in the rubber weatherstripping around your exterior doors can let these bugs in. It doesn't take much of a gap. Make sure your doors have a good seal. This will also help you keep your energy bills down.

  • Damaged or missing door sweeps are perfect entry points. All those stink bugs have to do is slide right under your door.

  • When you bring potted plants inside your home for the winter, you could bring stink bugs in with them. Be sure to do an inspection and shake the plants to dislodge any hidden stink bugs.

What To Do When Stink Bugs Get In

Your greatest weapon in the war on stink bugs is your vacuum cleaner. Stink bugs don't move quickly. They can easily be sucked up by a vacuum. The only problem is that you need to dispose of the bags outside when you're done sucking the bugs up. You don't want to leave them in your vacuum cleaner.

Some homeowners have success with building a stink bug trap out of a 2-liter soda bottle. They cut the bottle in half, flip over the top half, and put the nose down inside the bottom half and tap the two parts together. This creates a device that has a large opening and a tiny funnel. Place the large opening over a stink bug and gently brush it so that it falls down the funnel into the bottle. Once inside, they can't get back out. If this is done gently, the stink bugs won't make a stink about what you're doing. This device will allow you to get several stink bugs before you have to dispose of them outside. It is, however, quite a bit of a hassle walking around your home trapping stink bugs. The better solution is to keep those bugs from getting into your home in the first place.

Stink Bug Reduction & Control

Brown marmorated stink bugs aren't a disease threat but they can be a serious nuisance. If you need assistance keeping them out of your home, the team at Moyer Pest Control offers home pest control services to help you keep these irritating, stinky bugs out. Contact us today to request a free pest inspection!

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